MetLife Stadium to host Copa Centenario final

first_imgMIAMI, United States (CMC): New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium will host next year’s final of the historic Copa America Centenario, organisers have announced. Sixteen teams, comprising six from the North, Central America and Caribbean confederation (CONCACAF) and ten from South America, will do battle in the tournament. Caribbean champions Jamaica have already qualified for the tournament, while Trinidad and Tobago will contest a play-off next month against Haiti to determine their place. The tournament marks the 100-year anniversary of the prestigious Copa America, which will be staged outside South America for the first time in its history. The stadium, which boasts a capacity of 82,000, will take centre stage for the June 3-26 tournament scheduled to be played across ten venues across the United States. Games will also be played at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena; California, Levi Stadium in San Francisco; NRG Stadium in Houston, Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts; CenturyLink Field in Seattle; University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona; Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia; the Orlando Citrus Bowl; and Soldier Field in Chicago.last_img read more

Sasso, Harris JN Sporting Clays champs

first_img “The course wasn’t too difficult, but you had to keep focus for most of the course. Most of the birds that I missed were the easier ones, and so I felt like I could have done better,” Sasso said. Harris won the female section with an overall score of 70. ReneÈ Rickhi was second with a score of 65, while Yasmin Eyre finished with of 57. Harris said she was happy with her efforts. “I feel good because it was a good tournament,” she said. “I had a bad start, but I finished well. It was a challenging course and so you had to concentrate,” she said. Bruce DuQuesnay won the A Class category with score of 90 while Chad Ziadie finished runner-up with a score of 87. Jeffrey Panton captured the B Class with a top score of 85 ahead of Zachary Chen, who shot 82 while Demshire Wilson was third with 80. Zachary Lazarus took home the junior title with a top score of 83. Nikolai Azan finished second with 82, while third went to Matthew Josephs who shot 77. Chris Hind, chief executive of JN General Insurance, said this year’s tournament was very competitive. “This is something that we are doing for the third year running. Its something that we have enjoyed and it’s a great bunch of people, very like-minded and well-thinking people,” said Hind. KEEP FOCUS National representatives Christian Sasso and Marguerite Harris were crowned male and female champions of the Jamaica National General Insurance Sporting Clay Championships at the Jamaica Skeet Club in Portmore, St Catherine, yesterday. Sasso won the title after he recorded a top score of 93, ahead of second runner-up David Subaran, who shot 91. Sasso, who was winning the tournament for the first time, was very pleased with his performance. “It feels good because it’s been a little while since I won an overall tournament here, and so I feel good about that,” said Sasso.last_img read more

‘US$536.4M Loan Could Have Serious Consequences for Liberia’ -CePAR

first_img(From left) Finance Minister Tweah and Public Works Minister Nyenpan signed the The ETON Finance agreement on behalf of the Government of Liberia. Justice Minister Dean added his voice, calling for the agreement to be expedited at the Legislature.Actual interest cost estimated at 12%, as opposed to 1.46% in loan agreementThe ETON Finance PTE Limited-Government of Liberia Loan Agreement worth US$ 536.4 million and currently before the Legislature for ratification may have serious financial repercussions if the Legislature approved the deal, a 21-page document issued by the Center for Policy Action and Research (CePAR) said in a release yesterday.The analysis was done by CePAR’s Stephen R. Johnson (lead), Francis Kiazolu, Alieu F. Nyei and M. Boakai Jaleiba, Jr. The release said they analyzed both the loan agreement and the company’s capacity to provide the service to the country as well as the credibility of ETON Finance PTE Limited, who is to provide the funds.The key findings by the report indicated that the actual interest cost to the government over the duration of the loan is estimated at US$62,651,520 or 12% of the loan. This excludes other charges and default penalties that may accrue. Total repayment is estimated at US$599,051,520.The report further said that seven years later when this loan is ready for repayment, the Government of Liberia (GoL) will have to make a payment of US$43M. This will include an annual repayment of US$35.6M and interest charge of US$7.8M.“Considering that most of the loans on Liberia’s books will have to commence repayment of principals in the next decade, we may end up with the budget significantly dedicated to salaries and loan repayments”.“The borrower’s (GoL) banking detail is absent. GOL certified account should be provided to ensure that the funds are paid directly to the government instead of a private account.“If approved by the Legislature, the loan will bring the Total Extended Debt Stock to about $1.2 billion, a 98.52% increase. There exists no clear provision over what occurs in the event of a default. Will the interest rate change if the country defaults?ETON FINANCE PTE LIMITED, with Registration No. 200510984K, was incorporated in Singapore on August 10, 2005, as an exempt private company limited by shares. Its principal activities included other holding companies and ‘general wholesale trade (including general importers and exporters)’.However, as reported by the Singapore Government through its Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), ETON Finance Private Limited applied to strike off (close the company) its name from ACRA registry. The ‘strike off’ application was approved on January 10, 2017, ceasing the operations of the company. Consequently, ETON Finance Private Limited does not presently exist as a legal entity in Singapore,” the report indicated.It further said “Under Singaporean law, after a company is struck off, it can be restored within 6 years only through a court order. ETON Finance PTE Limited can only do a legitimate business in Singapore where it was incorporated through a court order lodged and filed with Singaporean authority. Until this is done, there are legal repercussions for anyone doing business with ETON Finance Private Limited registered in Singapore.“In Hong Kong, ETON FINANCE PTE LTD. same as the name used in Singapore was only incorporated on 16 March 2018, probably about the same time negotiations for the current agreement was started. Specifically, every evidence points to the fact that ETON Finance PTE Limited was established purposefully for this loan agreement. Since the Singapore branch is legally dissolved (struck off), the only legal entity of ETON Finance capable of a normal business transaction is ETON Finance-Hong Kong, which is currently about two months old.“There is no available website and accessible business information for ETON Finance PTE Limited to justify doing business with such a company.“ETON Finance PTE Limited, the firm that is said to be ‘duly constituted, registered and existing under the laws of Singapore’ has its bank (DBS Bank) in Hong Kong and not Singapore. Besides, the physical location as highlighted in the loan agreement of the lender’s bank (DBS Bank, Hong Kong Limited) is only about 500 meters away from the newly-registered,” the report noted.ETON Finance Private Ltd., Hong KongThe four financial experts pointed out in their report that, “More specifically, they are reportedly in the same business center. The agreement insists that a subsidiary of ETON Finance PTE Ltd., MAEIL Liberia Construction Co Ltd, be the primary firm for the implementation of the loan. This is a flagrant violation of the PPCC laws and/or does not support competitive bidding.“Although the road projects may not be completed until after five years, the Liberian government will have all the funding for the road in its possession. This makes it extremely easy for the amount to be converted to personal use or for overnight lending,” the report noted.In their conclusion, CePAR recommended the following: “The loan agreement before the Legislature is a bad document. It has severe consequences if ratified by the Legislature. It is a sloppy piece of work that demands a public reprimand of officials who affixed their signatures to the document.“Whilst the rationale for seeking the loan for investment in capital projects is good, it must be emphasized that the ETON Finance PTE Limited agreement is problematic. It leaves no flexibility for future negotiations. Better options through bilateral and multilateral partners are available and must be sought as opposed to the ETON Finance PTE Limited loan. The ETON loan has no possibility of flexibility or an opportunity for a waiver.“This is a loan and not a grant. The agreement should not insists that a subsidiary of ETON Finance PTE Ltd., MAEIL Liberia Construction Co Ltd., be the primary firm for the implementation of the loan. This is a flagrant violation of the PPCC laws and/or does not support competitive bidding. Besides, this demonstrates a lack of due diligence from the Government of Liberia. More information is required on the Liberian subsidiary of ETON Finance PTE Limited and its legal status.“The repayment period is too short for the size of the loan. The use of a CBL Sovereign Guarantee and the stipulation of the clause “ the Sovereign Guarantee should take the form and substance satisfactory to ETON” is a financial black box. The balance sheet of the CBL will be affected and the guarantee will be placed as a contingent liability thus posing a threat to the national reserves. Embassies across the world could be the first casualties in the event of a default.“It must be emphasized that GoL has not shown a clear statement of opinion from the IMF or the ADB on the viability of the loan and the authenticity of the lending party. Since the IMF is the leading global player in international finance, the Legislature should seek an opinion from the Fund. We do not want a crippling debt crisis like Greece that saw living standards plunge, with Greeks rummaging dumpsites for food and ratcheting suicide rates because of punishing austerity caused by the unsustainable debt burden. This poses an enormous risk of international isolation as the Bank and Fund have started signaling warning signs already about Liberia’s current debt levels.“Lastly, if the Legislature insists on ratifying the loan agreement, the GoL negotiating team should be required to present a credible forecast of the state of the Liberian economy by the period of commencement of loan repayment. The economic rate of return on the road investment is required to inform policymakers at the Legislature before the ratification. Liberia needs to see the growth trajectory or growth model. The legislature needs to demand that presentation.”Finally, CePAR assured Liberians that it will always contribute to national policy discussions as to give the public a better understanding about national instruments affecting them directly.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Cash, devices stolen from Ramada Hotel visitors

first_imgThe personal belongings of several persons disappeared on Sunday afternoon after they visited the Princess Ramada Hotel Poolside; and until now, no assistance has been rendered by the management to retrieve those items.Ramada Hotel, where the items were stolenOne of the persons, Taalib Persaud, related that he was at the poolside with a few friends at about 16:00h while their items and clothing were packed and placed on nearby tables provided.After spending a short time, they exited the water and then realised all their monies, phones and wallets were missing. Immediately, efforts were made to track the phones, which showed that they were being taken away from the premises of the facility.“My friends and I were all in the water. We packed up our stuff, including our clothes, phones, wallets and money, on the tables provided, so we can swim. When we came out of the water to get something to eat, we realised that all our money, phone and wallets were missing. We quickly began to track the phones and saw that (they were being taken from the) Princess very fast.”Persaud related that they ran towards the front of the Hotel, but the person had already exited. Adding to that, the gate security made no attempt to stop the cars from leaving the compound.A senior security official later turned up and calmed the situation, instead of locating where their belongings were taken. They were also denied access to review the security footage to determine what had transpired.“Every time we asked to see the security video, they denied us any help…I still have the location of the devices but since we don’t have the security footage from the Princess hotel, we can’t get the Police to arrest anyone…We still received no response from anyone.”The concerned man related that employees of the hotel have indicated that such incidents are frequent, but nothing is done to curb this issue.“It was said by workers of the Princess Hotel and Casino that, of recent, these incidents are continuously occurring and nothing has been done about it. Also, even the Police said there were numerous reports of this problem,” he explained.<> understands that some of the stolen items included an iPhone 10XMax, an iPhone 8Plus, wallets with cash, American driver’s licence, credit cards, debit cards, Visa cards and a sum of over $300,000.Persaud warned that the facilities are unsafe to use, since little security is provided. Adding to that, no assistance is provided to retrieve lost items. He noted that a friend from overseas has lost all of his belongings.“When continuously asking the head of security for further help with the security video, no assistance was given. Everyone must know that Princess isn’t a safe place, to have to pay to use the pool and still have to continuously watch your bags from people going in and stealing your things. I have an American friend with me who came to spend some time in Guyana, but now he’s going home with none of his personal belongings. This is shameful on behalf of [Ramada] Hotel.”The matter was reported to the Police, but Persaud said he was informed that there was no development as of Thursday morning.Efforts to meet management of the hotel proved futile.last_img read more

City Council, vendors in showdown again over relocation

first_imgHeated exchange of words between Town Clerk Royston King and vendors of the Stabroek Market area was the order of a meeting called Friday morning at City Hall, with vendors defying the decision to have them removed from the outskirts of the market by the council.Over 300 vendors and supporters turned up at City Hall to officially hear from the Council what exact plans it had for them, as it had been days since they last worked.Following their removal Sunday, vendors said they were somewhat bewildered, since they were never informed of an actual move, but were only aware of an invitation to join in cleanup campaign.The move had sparked some amount of anger among vendors, who carried out a series of protest actions.On Friday, King told the vendors the council was seeking to have them comfortably relocated by today.“We are in the process of finalising the preparation of the land where we will be relocating the vendors who once plied their trade around the Stabroek Market and the immediate periphery”, King told the gathering.“We are not in the business of putting anybody out of bread. You have to make a living and we have the responsibility of keeping this city clean”, he said.The new area for relocation will only be available to vendors for a mere three months. King said following the expiration of the three months, the council will be having a permanent place for the vendors. He was however pointed in his remark that there will not be any more vending outside the market space. He said that area will be fitted as a civic square for the benefit and pride of all Guyanese.Guyana Times understands that while over 300 vendors have been removed, the new vending area can only accommodate half of that amountMeanwhile President David Granger on Friday called on the Council to hasten its efforts to prepare and provide an alternative location for the vendors.“I deeply regret that there has been some delay between the removal of the vendors, the cleaning up of the square and the resettlement… I would urge the City Council to hasten the resettlement and ensure that every legitimate vendor is given a place to conduct his or her business in a lawful and more sanitary manner,” President Granger urged.The President expressed disappointment over the delay in resettling the vendors but said he supported the clean-up efforts. He noted that while there may have been some ‘hiccups’, he is satisfied that the vendors were consulted and informed about the move.“Again, I’d like to urge that the City Council pay attention to the humanitarian side of the cleaning campaign and to make sure that the vendors know what is in store for them. I am satisfied that prior to the move the vendors were consulted and the only disappointment is that the City Council was not able to deliver the promises on time, but from what I can say they’re working,” the President said.He noted that the Stabroek Market Square is a public space and any citizen of Georgetown or any visitor must be given free access to public places, without fear.“Over a period of years the use of that public place has degenerated and it became very unsanitary and there’s evidence that a lot of unlawful practices were conducted there. I support the work of the Mayor and City Council to rectify the public area and to put vending on a more orderly footing. This city has to be cleaned and when you look at the conditions that existed in what used to be called ‘Jurassic Park’, nobody had said that Stabroek Square did not have to be cleaned up…. What I would say is let us work together with the City Council to ensure that the vendors are properly accommodated so that they can pursue their economic activities in a legitimate and orderly manner,” he said.Asked whether it was fair that the vendors from the Stabroek Market Square were required to move while those on the pavements remain, the President said it is expected that things will be done in a sequential manner and not all at once:“I don’t know about the use of the word unfair, what I know is that Stabroek Square is a public place and I support the efforts of the City Council over the last seven months or so to clean up all public squares… Everything cannot be done simultaneously. Things are being done in a sequential manner… I do believe that the feeling in the population at large is that they’re doing a job which needs to be done.”The President said he believes and expects that Georgetown will be a healthier, more aesthetically pleasing place at the end of the process.last_img read more

Snickers ad doesn’t satisfy

first_imgA controversial Snickers bar ad that aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl featuring two mechanics accidentally kissing after eating from opposite ends of the chocolate bar was yanked from the air Tuesday after vigorous protests from gay activists and bloggers. The decision follows the closing of a related Snickers Web site Monday that was considered far more offensive to gays than the commercial itself. Activists say the ad and the Web site demean male-to-male intimacy by having the two mechanics react violently once they have discovered what they have done and because the ad shows some NFL players reacting to the kiss with disgust. “I am dismayed that these players, who are role models to our young people, would participate in perpetuating such discrimination and prejudice,” said Judy Shepard, executive director of the Matthew Shepard Foundation whose son was killed in a hate crime. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), the Human Rights Campaign and the Matthew Shepard Foundation condemned the ad for Snickers, the official chocolate bar sponsor of the NFL. The controversy surrounds the disgust the two men display once they realize they have kissed and then decide to do something “manly” to compensate. They wind up ripping hair off their chests. Mars’ campaign Web site ( ) showed a version called “Wrench” where, instead of ripping out chest hair, one man grabs a wrench and uses it to bash the other, who responds by slamming the hood of the car down on his head. Mars was asking visitors to vote on this and three other endings – including the one aired on the Super Bowl telecast to determine which version would air during the Fox broadcast of the Daytona 500 Feb. 18. – Greg Hernandez 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Reports: Southampton exodus continues with Arsenal set to land £16m starlet

first_img1 Arsenal are on the verge of tying up a deal for Southampton defender Calum Chambers for a fee of £16m, according to reports.The 19-year-old full back is believed to have passed a medical with the Gunners on Friday, with the deal likely to be confirmed in the coming days.Chambers has been linked with Arsenal since the turn of the year, and follows the likes of Adam Lallana and Luke Shaw out of St Mary’s this summer.He will provide competition for Mathieu Debuchy at right back, after the departure of Gunners stalwart Bacary Sagna to Manchester City.His arrival means Arsenal right-back Carl Jenkinson, 22, is likely to go out on loan in a bid for first-team football. Arsenal are believed to have signed Southampton’s Calum Chambers last_img

Walking for the homeless

first_imgPledge money raised by the students is the single largest annual donation the kitchen receives. Students walk from the poorest neighborhoods of East L.A. through the extravagance of Beverly Hills to the trendy beach town of Santa Monica. Along the way they encounter the homeless. “We did see homeless people as we walked, and gave them some of the food and drink we had,” said Charmaigne Rosselle, a St. Paul teacher and a member of the Class of ’94. Fellow teachers Richard Azina, also from the Class of ’94, and Cassie Morales, Class of ’02, recalled the sense of accomplishment they felt and how tired they were. “We encouraged each other to finish,” Morales said. The three alumni also recall seeing the diversity of the cities they walked through. On Sunday, they and the rest of the school’s staff will be following in cars to offer help, guidance and record the student progress. “It’s a St. Paul tradition,” said Liz Cadwalader, who is in charge of this year’s event, since Jiru’s retirement last year. Taking up where their teachers left off will be 600 St. Paul freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. “It’s hard, especially in Hollywood because of the hills,” said junior Mariah Carillo, 16, who will be walking for the third year. “But it’s worth it.” For seniors Roxanne Peralta, 17, and Roxanne Mendoza, 17, the thought of walking 26 miles in one day seemed like an unreal goal. But it wasn’t a choice for them. “Being homeless could happen to anyone,” Mendoza said. “I am not better than someone who is homeless,” said Peralta. “This is just our way of helping them.” (562) 698-0955, Ext. 3028160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! • Photo Gallery: St. paul Rallies for Hunger • Video: St. paul Rallies for Hunger SANTA FE SPRINGS – Students and faculty of St. Paul High School held a rally Thursday not to support one of its sports teams, but to pump up students for its 35th annual March to Feed the Homeless. More than 1,000 students from St. Paul, Don Bosco Tech and Ramona Convent will walk 26 miles on Sunday from East Los Angeles to Santa Monica to raise money and awareness of the plight of the homeless. It is the school’s largest annual event and is a major fundraiser for the Catholic Worker Hospitality Kitchen that serves the homeless community on Skid Row. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREPettersson scores another winner, Canucks beat KingsThe rally consisted of skits by the drama department, music, a video presentation and a talk from the founder of the walk. “I am so impressed at the quality of students here at St. Paul,” said Dan Jiru, the man who started the march as a teaching tool. “My students were not convinced that there was an actual need to address poverty,” he said. “When they saw there was a real need, they insisted we do a fundraiser.” That year, the 20 students on the walk from St. Paul to Huntington Beach raised $200. Last year, students walked the current route, established in 1975, and raised about $20,000. last_img read more


first_imgThe final race of the Tir na nÓg Road Race series took place last night over a 5 KM course in Gortahork.The final race was won by Fintown man Dermot Brennan in a very impressive 16.24 with Dungloe’s Shaun Mc Shane in second place in 16.45 and Loughanure’s Micheal Logue third overall in a time of 17.24. The First three Senior Women home were Termon Lady Nicola Doherty in an impressive 20.21, with Gaoth Dobhair’s Noreen Mc Gee in second in 21.25 and local women Eibhlin Boyle in third place in 23.57. First Junior man home was Ryan Lafferty in a strong 18.41 with Patrick Gallagher second, recording a time of 18.54. In the Over 40 mens race there was strong competition with local man Seimi Ferry first home in 18.02 followed by Pat Ban Gallagher who recorded 18.11, with Creeslough man Martin Mc Garvey third home in a time of 21.02.In the overall results section the results were as follows; Senior Men Senior Women Over 40 W1. Micheal Logue ( 41 pts) 1. Nicola Doherty ( 48 pts) 1. Ashling Doohan (48 pts)2. Eugune Mc Cafferty ( 34 pts) 2. Noreen Mc Gee (40 pts)3. Dermot Brennan ( 24 pts) 3. Evelyn Boyle (24)Over 40 M Junior Men Walk Women1. Seimi Ferry ( 44 pts) 1. Ryan Lafferty (44 pts) 1. Martina & Nora Roarty ( 27 pts each)2. Pat Ban Gallagher (29 pts) 2. Patrick Gallagher (22 pts) 2. Maureen Mc Gee (22 pts)3. Martin Mc Garvey (27 pts) The organisers wish to thank the Donegal ladies Manager Micheal Naughton for sponsoring the race series. A big Well done to all who participated. A second race series will be held over the summer months beginning in June. Further information will be available shortly and on the Tir na nOg facebook page or by contacting the centre on 074 91 62972.Results Tír na nÓg Road Race SeriesRace 3– 5 km – Friday 18th May –Place Time Race Number Name Category Club / Area 1 16.24 Dermot Brennan SM Finn Valley2 16.45 Shaun Mc Shane S M Dungloe3 17.24 Micheal Logue S M Loughanure4 18.02 Seimi Ferry Over 40 M Glasserchoo5 18.11 Pat B. Gallagher Over 40 M Falcarragh6 18.41 Ryan Lafferty J M Gortahork7 18.54 Patrick Gallagher J M Falcarragh8 19.10 Ciaran Gallagher S M Falcarragh9 19.45 Ciaran Brennan J M Fintown10 19.51 Paddy Molloy S M Glenties11 19.59 Alan Orr S M Centra12 20.05 Eugene Mc Cafferty S M Derrybeg13 20.21 Nicola Doherty S W Termon14 20.42 Cornie Mc Geever S M Gortahork15 21.02 Martin Mc Garvey Over 40 M Creeslough16 21.08 James Harkin Over 40 M Falcarragh17 21.25 Noreen Mc Gee S W Gaoth Dobhair18 21.38 Pat Kelly Over 40 M Falcarragh19 22.04 Shaun Sweeney Over 40 M Falcarragh20 22.07 Manus Kelly Over 40 M Falcarragh21 22.18 Aodán Ó Cearbhaill S M Gaoth Dobhair22 23.00 Keith Sweeney S M Gortahork23 23.03 Joe Mc Clafferty Over 40 M Gortahork24 23.05 Eddie Mc Fadden Shroughan25 23.27 Kyle Mc Garvey J M Creeslough26 23.57 Eibhlin Boyle S W Gortahork27 24.00 Joe Mc Daid S M28 24.22 Liam Mc Fadden S M Gaoth Dobhair29 24.54 Eugune Mc Geever Over 40 M Gortahork30 25.12 Seamus O Donnell S M Gortahork31 25.23 Patrick Gallagher (F) S M Derryreel32 25.23 Chris Reddan J M Creeslough33 25.56 Niall Doran S M Churchill34 27.07 Ann Tinney Termon35 27.18 Noleen Duggan S M Falcarragh36 28.14 Ashling Doohan Over 40 W Falcarragh37 28.16 Roisin Kenny S W Falcarragh38 29.04 Francis Greene S W Gortahork39 29. 56 David Geaney Over 40 M Falcarragh40  Sally Mullholland41 Mary Mullholland42 Kathy Mc Geady43 Ashling Mc Gee44 Maureen Nic Aoidh45 Eileen Gallagher46 Brid Mc Geever47 Martina Roarty48 Nora Roarty Walk WFINAL TIR NA NOG RACE ATTRACTS LARGE TURNOUT IN GORTAHORK was last modified: May 20th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Rangers miss out on Liverpool wonderkid, Rodgers warns Celtic stars – gossip

first_img decision Josh Windass has been backed to prove his doubters wrong by Rangers manager Steven Gerrard. (Sunday Herald) Celtic sign teenage wonderkid Luca Connell from Bolton Brendan Rodgers has warned his Celtic players that they will be banished from training if they put on two-and-a-half kilos of extra weight. (Daily Record)Swansea are interested in signing Aberdeen defender Scott McKenna for £2million. (Scottish Sun) NO PLACE KICK-OFF Every one of Celtic’s fixtures for the new season in full 2 A FIGHTER Defoe feels blessed at ‘amazing’ Rangers, reveals Gazza conversation WAT ABOUT THAT Top stories in Scottish football Edinburgh derby: Three men charged following fan trouble during fiery clash NEW BHOY true love Here’s a round-up all the top Scottish transfer-related gossip and news from Sunday’s newspapers and online…Rangers are set to miss out on signing Harry Wilson, the Liverpool starlet, as he looks likely to join Frank Lampard’s Derby County. (Scottish Sun) NOT HAPPY Gerrard launches furious touchline outburst as horror tackle on Barisic sparks chaos LANGUAGE BARRIER Listen to Ally McCoist’s heartfelt tribute to late Rangers icon Fernando Ricksen Dundee United could lose Paul McMullan and James Keatings after Adam Barton was brought to the club. (Scottish Sun)Brendan Rodgers is hoping a deal can be agreed with Hibs for John McGinn. Celtic have already had two bids rejected for the midfielder. (Scottish Sun) Rangers team up with hummel UK to launch eco-friendly ZEROH2O kit Karamoko Dembele ‘chooses’ who he will play for internationally Harry Wilson is set to join Derby on loan ‘I think it’s careless’ – Gerrard takes aim at Scotland for Jack injury 2 McCoist tells funny Rangers story about Gazza and new Napoli boss Gattuso Celtic want to sign Hibernian star John McGinn. scrap last_img read more