Boxer LaMotta, immortalized in ‘Raging Bull,’ dies at 95

first_imgMIAMI >> Jake LaMotta, the former middleweight champion whose life was depicted in the film “Raging Bull,” has died at the age of 95.His fiancee, Denise Baker, says LaMotta died Tuesday at a Miami-area hospital from complications of pneumonia.The Bronx Bull, as he was known in his fighting days, compiled an 83-19-4 record with 30 knockouts.LaMotta fought Sugar Ray Robinson six times, handing Robinson his first defeat. He lost the middleweight title to him in what became known as the St. …last_img

Live playoff updates: Sharks beat Avalanche 3-2 as Pavelski returns in Game 7

first_imgGet live NHL Stanley Cup playoff updates, news and analysis during Game 7 of the Sharks’ second-round series against the Avalanche Wednesday at 6 p.m. at SAP Center.San Jose, which was dealt a crushing 4-3 overtime loss in Game 6 on Monday night in Colorado, is hoping to duplicate the Game 7 performance it had in the first round against Vegas. Barclay Goodrow’s overtime goal gave the Sharks a series victory.San Jose will get a huge lift Wednesday with the return of captain Joe …last_img

Takeaways: For the Sharks, buy-in has to be more than a slogan

first_imgBOSTON — The Sharks have been wearing some new hoodies before and after practices and morning skates this year. They’re, of course, teal and bright, and below the Sharks logo reads a simple slogan.Buy-in.Right now, as the Sharks get set to face the red-hot Boston Bruins on Tuesday to finish off a five-game road trip, one wonders if everyone has gotten the message.A dismal 5-2 loss to the rebuilding Ottawa Senators on Sunday dropped the Sharks’ record to 4-7-1, the farthest they’ve been …last_img

Bootstrapping Your Way to Market Leadership with Video Creation

first_imgTags:#Growth Hacking#Powtoon#video creation AI is Not the Holy Grail of Sales, at Least Not… The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Brad is the editor overseeing contributed content at He previously worked as an editor at PayPal and Crunchbase. You can reach him at brad at Trends Driving the Loyalty Marketing Industry One of the primary goals of a tech company is industry leadership. Without taking massive amounts of funding, it can be hard to scale and outperform your competitors. Bootstrapping your way to market leadership with video creation is on a roll.Recently, I was able to connect with the leadership at Powtoon.Powtoon videos have been created for use in marketing, business presentations, product launches, digital and broadcast ads, and explainer and training videos. Powtoon is about to hit 70 million videos created on its platform. They have 26 million users, with 96 percent of Fortune 500 companies using their product and service.Usually, companies with 20M+ users have raised significant capital from leading venture capital firms, and except for a small seed round of less than $750k, Powtoon has bootstrapped until now. The company decided to build a compelling product that people loved, and they built their business backed by its customers.I had a chance to get some insight from the Powtoon CEO/Founder, Ilya Spitalnik.I asked a few questions about how he built his business, his process of talking to customers while bootstrapping, what his thoughts are on many subjects — and where he sees all this is all going?Question Brad Anderson:We see companies bootstrap, raise a lot of venture money, and do something in between. What path did Powtoon take?Response Ilya Spitalnik:Powtoon followed a precise methodology I developed called “Rapid Validation.” We didn’t want to raise a ton of money before we could prove there was something real that people wanted. We began by making certain assumptions — and then, watching to see what happened.For example: does anybody really want this product? We found that, yes, there’s a demand for our product. Then we needed to see if we could actually build a basic product, validate it, and test to see if people would pay for this solution. Each of these actions takes enormous amounts of time, cash, and teamwork.Could we build a team that could execute for us? It was only after we began to earn real revenue that we started to think about ourselves as a bonafide startup. So, we took a little bit of seed money (mentioned above) to continue rapidly validating through the stages of becoming a real business.After we launched and had our first big money day, we said, “Look, this could be a serious business, and we need to be sure we have oxygen in the tank, in case of an emergency.” Ever since that day, we’ve grown into a substantial business with over 25 million users and over 100 staff around the world.We’re now at the stage where we have a solid product/market fit and deep penetration in the enterprise. Powtoon is becoming the go-to solution for any business communication — because in businesses today; you can’t afford to be ignored.Millennials are now accounting for more than 35 percent of the U.S. labor force. They may be the driving force behind video becoming an essential business tool — maybe moreso than email. To cater to this expanding demand of easily create-able and consumable content — we’re ramping up our growth and scaling faster than ever.Capturing the attention now — of the Millennial and Gen-Z.Question Brad Anderson:Rapid Validation sounds like the Lean Startup strategy. Is there a difference?Response Ilya Spitalnik:Rapid Validation predates the Lean Startup methodology by a few years and has a very different philosophy behind it. Allow me to elaborate. As an entrepreneur, you really only have one essential resource that trumps everything else at your disposal. That resource is your time. Time is finite — it’s precious — and time is irreplaceable.Everything you do or invest in must be measured against this very precious commodity. The ever-looming pitfall of any entrepreneur is to go “all-in” too early. You have an idea, and then you ignore all rhyme and reason to pursue that idea. I’ve seen people chase castles in the sky for years when the idea should have been shelved after three months.The Rapid Validation methodology gives you the steps of validating your efforts through various stages of your product or service. In a logical approach, this methodology addresses the psychological impact of the “all-in phenomena,” which can hold you captive for years. The Powtoon product and service is designed to eliminate the “false-hope” syndrome psychologically.In Rapid Validation, you don’t even officially have a startup until around the fifth validation step. On this step, if you pass, you’ll get your “smart money,” as one of the validation points. Until that point, you’re merely testing whether there is actually an opportunity for your product and whether you are competent enough to bring it to fruition.At the beginning of our business process — you are validating four things.You’ll validate whether you venture can have legs. Can it grow?You’re validating whether you, personally, have the skill to take your company to the next level of expertise and building.Are you capable of assembling your team?Can you grow a team in the direction it needs to go?When we created Powtoon’s Enterprise platform and offering, we witnessed the adoption of our videos as a preferred communication tool for large organizations. We began to develop new offerings alongside key clients, who “sponsored” the alpha stage.We hired one salesperson and signed up over 100 enterprises within six months. We were on a serious roll — and knew it was time to bring on a superstar to lead the sales effort. That’s Rapid Validation — small rapid steps.Question Brad Anderson: Network effects were a big part of Powtoon’s growth. Was it purely the freemium model with the logo, or was your trajectory also word-of-mouth? Talk more about that. Ilya Spitalnik: Powtoon’s virality can partially be attributed to adopting a freemium model that included our watermark on all free exported videos. But virality rarely stands on its own. Our community of users and their referral power has always been a significant part of our approach. We saw from user surveys that somewhere around 30-40 percent of users learned about our product directly via word-of-mouth. Even today, seven years later, our community and users remain our best advertising.When we launched Powtoon, our product-market fit was focused around online marketers who needed to convey their ideas in short, sharp videos or presentations. As marketers and entrepreneurs spread their videos, and people began having a personal experience seeing a video or presentation performances — we saw more users working in large organizations on internal communications.Capturing the attention of the Millennial and the soon to be Gen-Z workers will make all businesses debate easier ways to allow clients and customers to take a cue from friends and colleagues and how training will be done. Savvy video creation is the future of business — in any industry.In the setting of a manager: the manager, or presentor would be giving a presentation with our free product. The users reported that people in the audience practically “bum-rushed” them at the podium to ask, “How did you make that video?” “What was that platform?” “How can I make one too?”As another example: a corporate trainer who learned about Powtoon from a training session he attended in an outside training organization. The trainer brought Powtoon’s Enterprise platform to his team and was able to use our video platform to implement a video-based learning management system across his entire organization. From this experience, and others just like this, we have found that word-of-mouth and seeing Powtoon in actionable ways always contributes to our virality, significantly.Question Brad Anderson: Powtoon raised a little money since its inception in 2012. How did this help your company while you were “bootstrapping?” Ilya Spitalnik:The small seed round we raised at the outset of our venture actually served two purposes: Any company needs a little oxygen in the tank, and after we validated our beta product and got paying customers — we felt we wanted a little safety net to act as a buffer in case of emergencies.We wanted to validate that “smart money” would enter into this journey with us – it’s one of our validation points. We went to the funds that we respected, and who’s networks we wanted to plug into. We chose KIMA Ventures of Paris, France, and Curious Minds of Los Angeles as partners. We were able to plug-ourselves into a network spanning hundreds of startups — across all business lifecycle stages.It turned out that Powtoon was profitable almost immediately, we didn’t need to rely on these funds, but the security of knowing they were there gave us the confidence to keep testing and growing in the early years.Question Brad Anderson: Where does Powtoon go from here? What does the rest of the year look like? Ilya Spitalnik: The short answer is: Powtoon goes where our users need us to go — and where we bring the most value to people’s lives. Right now, that’s the business and corporate world.We’ve stumbled upon a tremendous market-product fit in the enterprise. Trainers, HR professionals, IT staff, and internal communications teams need to stand out and make an impact too.What was risky and cutting edge seven years ago (i.e., replacing traditional communications with explainer/training videos and animated presentations), has now made its way into more conservative organizations.As a society, your consumption of media is 80 percent video in your personal life — why would it be different in the workplace? Seeing Powtoon’s growth with marketers and entrepreneurs and knowing we can facilitate this massive growth in video, we have prepared for internal corporate communications.We hear from customers that they’re able to do things like transforming a dry, 22-page manual into a two-minute video. Their colleagues are now able to absorb the right information quickly, and they are seeing them put it into action. We’re implementing the features and compliance standards that enterprise organizations need, and seeing massive growth in that arena.Question Brad Anderson: It’s clear Powtoon stays close to its customers. What has been the biggest surprise you’ve learned from them along the way? Ilya Spitalnik:Our team recently surveyed millions of users to find out what kinds of skills people have learned since signing up for our products and service. Of course, we saw things we expected, like skills directly related to video creation. But over 52 percent of respondents reported learning storytelling skills from using Powtoon. The list goes on, including 47 percent of those surveyed learned how to visualize abstract ideas, roughly a third of users learning digital marketing skills, training skills, public speaking skills, branding.Recently held a day-long company deep dive we called the “Know Your Customer Olympics.”We knew a lot about our customers, but this brought our team together in cross-departmental teams so that everyone could get a first-hand understanding of exactly what our customers’ pains-points were. Part of the process was to determine how to fix these pain points.We had everyone from our customer support team to our developers, marketers, designers, and sales team. The teams were surprised how much more closely connected they felt to each other and our users, clients, and customers from this day-long adventure in learning.Moving into the future, we will continue to develop products based on customer needs with a definite focus on the enterprise, where we have hit a nerve. We have been approached by several top-tier investors to join us on this ride. Though the suggestion is flattering and validating — we want to think very carefully who should be the right partner for us on this journey.When we find that answer, the sky-is-the-limit for what Powtoon can accomplish. Exciting times ahead. Brad AndersonEditor In Chief at ReadWrite Related Posts With This One Question, You’ll Never Need an Ic…last_img read more

Ardmore Gets USD 123 Mn Boost

first_imgzoom Bermuda-based tanker owner and operator Ardmore Shipping Corporation completed in 2Q 2017 a refinancing of two 47,000 dwt Eco-Mod product tankers under a Japanese sale and leaseback arrangement, releasing USD 12.3 million in cash. The transaction including the two 2008-built vessels, Ardmore Sealeader and Ardmore Sealifter, is said to be “a new and attractive source of financing for the company”.This was announced in Ardmore’s financial report which shows that the company suffered a net loss of USD 1.9 million during the three months ended June 30, 2017, as compared to a net income of USD 55 million in the same period a year earlier.The company reported EBITDA of USD 12.9 million in 2Q 2017, against USD 17.3 million seen in the same quarter last year. “As the oil market continues to work its way through elevated inventory levels, we are satisfied with our performance in the second quarter and encouraged that the highly compelling MR industry fundamentals remain firmly intact. Our fleet is performing well under soft market conditions and we continue to effectively manage our costs and execute on our strategy,” Anthony Gurnee, Ardmore’s Chief Executive Officer, commented.During the quarter, Ardmore delivered a “satisfactory chartering performance” with spot and pool MR tankers earnings an average of USD 13,765 per day and Eco-Design chemical tankers an average of USD 10,736 per day.“MR charter rates improved from the prior quarter, driven by increased activity in the Atlantic basin and product flows to Latin America. Meanwhile, despite refined product inventories declining in April and May, levels remain above historical averages and continue to curtail trading activity and tonne mile demand in the short term. Nonetheless, the underlying fundamentals for MR product tankers are very positive,” Gurnee added.“Taken together, tonne mile demand growth is set to continue in the range of 4-5% annually. Meanwhile, supply growth for MR product tankers has declined significantly, with the MR orderbook at historical lows, scrapping continuing, and the pace of deliveries declining further over the remainder of 2017 and into 2018. As a result, we expect net fleet growth to be in the range of 1-2%, well below demand growth and creating a clear tension that should result in a sustained increase in charter rates,” Gurnee concluded.Currently, Ardmore has 27 vessels in operation, comprising 21 Eco MR tankers ranging from 45,000 to 49,999 dwt and six Eco-Design IMO 2 product/chemical tankers ranging from 25,000 to 37,800 dwt.last_img read more

How Liz Cambage Broke The WNBAs Scoring Record

Scoring is up across the board in the WNBA this year, and one player, Dallas Wings center Liz Cambage, aimed to keep it that way Tuesday when she scored 53 points — the highest individual total in league history — during a 104-87 victory over the New York Liberty.And given the other elements of her game, which included 10 rebounds, five blocks and two assists, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Cambage’s display in 37 minutes of playing time was one of the finer all-around showings the league has ever seen. It’s worth keeping in mind that the WNBA plays 40-minute games as opposed to the NBA’s 48-minute ones. That difference is a key reason that the NBA, which has experienced a spike in triple-doubles in recent years, sees that statistical rarity so much more often than does the WNBA, where it has happened only seven times in league history.Cambage, 26, shot 17-of-22 from the field and 15-of-16 at the free-throw line, all while outscoring New York’s starting five by 10 points. She torched nearly every look the Liberty threw at her, alternating between either side of the floor, and made mincemeat out of double-teams as if she were still being covered by a single defender. She logged 11 points in the first quarter, 17 in the second and five in the third before going off for 20 in the final period to seal the game.Yet a handful of her buckets in the first half came with no one near her at all — largely because she doesn’t hold the reputation of a sharpshooter and had only made five triples in 74 career WNBA games heading into Tuesday’s contest. So one can only imagine the initial shock New York players felt when Cambage calmly drained four threes on five attempts.The 6-foot-8 Cambage isn’t known as a jump shooter. More generally, she isn’t widely known in this country at all despite having long been a basketball star in Australia, where she grew up — perhaps because of her disjointed time in the league. She was the No. 2 pick in the 2011 WNBA draft but made it clear upon being selected by the Tulsa Shock that she didn’t want to play there. As such, she has never played two consecutive seasons in the U.S., and she spent the past four years playing overseas, where many of the best players routinely sign to earn higher salaries.In any case, Cambage — who entered Tuesday averaging nearly 20 points and more than nine boards — has pieced together an impressive season, having been named an all-star for a second time. She ranks in the league’s 95th percentile in post-up situations this year, according to Synergy Sports Technology.1She is tied for the WNBA lead in technical fouls. In games like Tuesday’s, in which Cambage is fully in sync with point guard and fellow all-star Skylar Diggins-Smith, there aren’t a ton of good options defensively to contain her. (New York wasn’t all that successful in denying Cambage during the first meeting between the teams, either, when Cambage scored 28 points on just 17 shots in that game, albeit in a Liberty win)Just minutes into Tuesday’s game, the Liberty tried forcing the ball out of her hands with a double-team, and Cambage simply kicked the ball out to the arc, where Allisha Gray was prepared to knock down an open triple. Then, on her next scoring chance, Cambage — having just illustrated the risk in sending a double-team her way — aggressively sealed her defender inside the restricted area, allowing Diggins-Smith to loft a pass from the arc into her for an easy lay-in. Beyond that, she kept defenders off balance by occasionally putting the ball on the floor and inviting contact, like she did against Amanda Zahui B a pair of times during the final period.Cambage surpassed the WNBA record of 51 points, set in 2013 by Riquna Williams. Cambage’s game Tuesday, with those 10 rebounds and five blocks, was far more complete than that of Williams, who finished hers with just one rebound and three assists. (Williams and Cambage were teammates during that 2013 season.) The next-highest showings are held by names that are far more well known throughout the sport: Maya Moore (48 points in 2014), Diana Taurasi (47 in 2006) and Lauren Jackson (47 in 2007), an Australian ex-player with whom Cambage has drawn comparisons.But a performance like this one only figures to boost her profile. “I’ve had big numbers in China, I’ve had big numbers in Australia, and I’ve heard a lot of people say I could never have big numbers here in the WNBA,” she told reporters afterward. “So I guess this game is for y’all.”CORRECTION (July 18, 2018, 12:15 p.m.): A previous version of this article included an incorrect quarter-by-quarter breakdown of the 53 points that Liz Cambage scored in Tuesday’s game between the Dallas Wings and the New York Liberty. Cambage scored 11 points in the first quarter, 17 in the second, five in the third and 20 in the fourth. (The WNBA originally reported Cambage as having scored 13 points in the first and 15 in the second.) read more

Fabianski happy with positive first week at West Ham

first_imgWest Ham’s new signing Lukasz Fabianski says his first week of pre-season training with the Hammers has been ‘intense’ but the goalkeeper insists he wouldn’t have it any other way.The 33-year-old started work within hours of meeting the squad, relishing his new challenge. “It’s been cool,” the shot-stopper told the official club’s website.“It’s been my first week of pre-season and I think I’ve had to jump straight in with my new team-mates. “It’s been really intense to be honest, but that has been really useful for me as it’s given me a chance to get to know the other players and people around the Club, and how they work. It’s been a really positive week.”What we learned from day 2 of the Premier League? Taimoor Khan – August 20, 2019 The new Premier League season is only two weeks old but it has already taught us a few things that could define the campaign….Fabianski was full of praise for the Chilean boss, citing his precision and attention to detail in every session. He continued:“He’s a very well organised manager when it comes to preparing everything. When you walk into training you know exactly how your day and the session is going to look. “His training methods are spot-on as well. You can see what he wants from the team and what he demands from us in every training session. That’s what you expect from a top manager, and he’s certainly a top manager.”last_img read more

Van Aanholt flattered by Juventus link

first_imgCrystal Palace defender Partick van Aanholt revealed he was flattered by the rumours linking him with Juventus.The 27-year-old admitted he is “in a good way” ahead of the Premier League season, after impressing in his first full season at Selhurst Park.The former Chelsea player joined Palace from Sunderland for £9m in January 2017, he has made 43 appearances in all competitions for the Eagles and insists he is “happy” with the squad ahead of the new campaign.He told Sky Sports News: “It is always good to be linked with big clubs like Juventus. It is a sign that I am in a good way.Franck Ribery, FiorentinaFiorentina owner: “Ribery played better than Ronaldo!” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Fiorentina owner Rocco Commisso was left gushing over Franck Ribery’s performance against Juventus, which he rates above that of even Cristiano Ronaldo’s.“I am feeling good and I want to keep doing that, but I am a Palace player and I am looking forward to the season.“I am happy. We have got a great squad, my family lives in London, my kids go to school here.“It is just a rumour and unless there is really people coming in then I will never worry about it.”The Eagles begin their Premier League campaign away at newly-promoted Fulham on Saturday and will arrive in high spirits after an unbeaten pre-season.last_img read more

Juventus investigators home almost set ablaze

first_imgFederico Ruffo, the journalist who led an investigation by Rai 3 programme Report said he has been receiving an immense hate campaign ever since he led that investigation and has just been subject to arson attempt.Football Italia explains the Rai 3 programme Report as an investigation into attempts by the Ndrangheta organized crime syndicates to infiltrate Juventus ultras which resulted in the death of Juve fan Raffaello Bucci.Ruffo’s house would’ve been set ablaze at 4.30am on Tuesday as his home had petrol poured on the doorway as well as a red cross painted on his wall but his dog’s barking scared the arsonists.“Whoever did this was clearly not very experienced, because they tripped up on the dog’s bowl and made a noise…” Ruffo told Radio Kiss Kiss and the TG1 as quoted by Football Italia.Romelu Lukaku, Inter MilanLukaku backed to beat Ronaldo in Serie A scoring charts Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Former Inter Milan star Andy van der Meyde is confident Romelu Lukaku will outscore Cristiano Ronaldo in this season’s Serie A.“There is a sense of bitterness here, because nobody, apart from those working at RAI, realized the situation had become so grim.”“There has been an immense hate campaign against us from the very first ads stating Report were investigating the Juventus situation. We received threats of all kinds.”“Every morning, I wake up to find threatening messages on social media by people asking why I am still breathing, all because I looked into their beloved club.”“They are so accustomed to this sort of dynamic that they feel legitimized to do anything. Obviously, I don’t just give up.”last_img read more

Privy Council rejects appeal on no jury trial for Misick

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppPress summary handed down on 25 June 2015Press summary handed down on 25 June 2015Providenciales, 26 Jun 2015 – Michael Misick has seen his (and others) appeal dismissed as the UK Privy Council agrees that it is because they do not believe Turks and Caicos Islanders in a jury can deliver an unbiased verdict. A reported jury pool of 6,000, which the special judges believe is small convinces the panel that too many people in the islands are too closely linked and that it is better for retired Jamaican judge, Justice Paul Harrison to decide the case on his own. This now clears the way as one online article puts it for the corruption trials of the former government men and women and some of their relatives to begin in December.Attorneys for Mike Misick, F Chambers Law firm explained they will next try at the European Court of Human Rights. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Thorne, QC maintains SIPT Trial is political vendetta SIPT Opening Statement brings anticipation for evidence, Proceedings resume today Related Items:appeal, eauropean court of human rights, michael misick, privy council, reject, UK Recommended for you SANDALS RESORTS FIRST HIGH STREET STORE OPENSlast_img read more