Zorrilla hangs the “No tickets” sign before Leganés

first_imgIn this way, Zorrilla attendance could be around 25,000 spectators since, in addition, we must add the almost 600 pickles that will accompany your team in the visiting area. And it is that the game, despite being January, is considered very important in both teams since the pucelanos want to pick up the pickles that arrive in frank improvement and tracing since the arrival of Javier Aguirre. First Division football returns on Friday, from 7:00 p.m., in Fox to host the meeting between the Real Valladolid and the Leganés. And he will do it with a great entrance since to the 22,000 subscribers of the club pucelano we must add the 3,000 tickets that the members have bought at the price of five euros on the club’s website, within the campaign launched by the club, to be accompanied to the stadium.last_img read more

A great version of the ‘Hispanics’ overwhelms Germany

first_imgImage: EFE The Spanish handball team beat Germany on Saturday, 33-26, in their second match of the Men’s European Championship and thanks above all to the good performance of Alex Dujshebaev, whose seven goals helped channel the victory and retain the Group’s leadership C.Thus, the pupils of Jordi Ribera solved a duel of ordago and tied points that could be vital for their subsequent contest in the ‘Main Round’. With two wins in the two days already contested, the ‘Hispanics’ are leaving good feelings on the parquet of the Trondheim Spektrum.Although the Norwegian flag marker was soon inaugurated, it quickly became clear that Spain would have a good day at work. Alex Dujshebaev was the one who scored 1-0 in the 4:42 minute, after he and his teammates had surprised with a defense in formation 5/1.Jordi Ribera was already playing his tricks against the tactics of Christian Prokop, whose team ran into an excellent Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas. In the first minutes, the Barça goalkeeper was key in the partial 8-2 unfavorable to the Germans.11:31 had been played, but Germany was disarmed by the versatility of its opponent. Somewhat from Ferran Solé to the backlash, which was 10-4, worked as a touch of attention for Prokop, who moved the bench further to find solutions and send a message that his disciples had to increase the pressure in defense. The meeting was somewhat locked from that moment, including two exclusions to Jorge Maqueda and Julen Aginagalde. Both actions cut the rhythm of the ‘Hispanics’ and his rival took advantage of it to approach a single goal (10-9), after an accurate pitch by Julius Kühn.But again Jordi Ribera came out with a good decision, asking for a timeout that woke up his players. Aitor Ariño proved it, becoming another dagger to the race. He and his counterpart Solé hurt the ends and against each other, allowing Spain to go to rest with a 14-11 face.Alex Dujshebaev had been the most effective against the opposing goal and, for greater inri, at the start of the second half he received the protection of the secondary actors. Men like Joan Cañellas, Raúl Entrerríos and Dani Sarmiento also ‘wet’, despairing a Johannes Bitter whose effect was completely diluted.The starting goalkeeper had been Andreas Wolff, who was not fine in several clearings. However, the gale of the ‘Hispanics’ did not care much who was in front, expanding the advantages (32-22) in the electronic of a Trondheim Spektrum that saw Germany kneel the knee despite the final makeup with the goals of Hendrik Pekeler.DATA SHEETSPAIN: Pérez de Vargas (P), Cañellas (3), Entrerríos (2), Morros (-), A. Dujshebaev (7), Solé (3) and Ariño (2) –titles–; Corrales (P), Fernández (2), D. Dujshebaev (1), Sarmiento (2), Aginagalde (1), Figueras (2), Maqueda (4), Guardiola (-) and Gómez (4, 1 pen.) .GERMANY: Wolff (P), Gensheimer (4, 2 pen.), Reichmann (2, 2 pen.), Pekeler (5), Drux (1), Böhm (3) and Häfner (3) –titles–; Bitter (P), Kühn (2), Weber (2), Kohlbacher (2), Kastening (2), Schmidt (-), Michalczik (-), Zieker (-) and Wiencek (-).– PARTIALS EVERY 5 MINUTES: 1-0, 6-2, 10-4, 10-8, 12-9 and 14-11 (rest); 17-13, 20-16, 25-18, 28-19, 31-22 and 33-26.– ARBITRATORS: Arthur Brunner and Morad Salah (SUI). On the part of Spain, they excluded two minutes to Maqueda (2), Aginagalde and Ariño; and yellow card A. Dujshebaev y Entrerríos. On the part of Germany, they excluded two minutes to Drux, Wiencek (2) and Kastening; and yellow card Häfner and Wiencek.– PAVILION: Trondheim Spektrum.center_img Spain resolves in its favor the second day of the European Championship last_img read more

Zidane: one title every 19 games

first_imgAlmost 600 days after Cardiff, in which Madrid conquered its Thirteenth Champions against Juventus (4-1), Zinedine Zidane (47 years old) again raised a trophy with Real Madrid. It is his tenth title as coach of the first team in just three years and 10 months. There are 187 directed meetings between all competitions, which gives it an average of every 19 matches, the French coach lifts a title. It is already only four titles to match Miguel Muñoz, who with 14 remains at the top of the most successful white coaches in history. Behind, illustrious names appear in the saints of Madrid technicians: Luis Molowny, who won eight, and Vicente del Bosque, who raised one less, seven. Muñoz, former former player, spent 14 years as the maximum technical manager in the Madrid bench. But while Muñoz needed eight years to reach 10 titles, Zidane has needed less than half the time to reach the same figure. Like Muñoz, he also won 14 Pep Guardiola titles during his time as a Barca coach. Zidane, like Muñoz, arrived to straighten a team that came from suffering a painful defeat against Barcelona. A 0-4 to the team that was then directed by Rafa Benítez and that a draw against Valencia (2-2), at the beginning of 2016 was key for the white directive to decide the change in the bench. Since then, whites with Zizou on the bench only know how to raise wins (also with Solari the Club World Cup title was lifted in December 2018). The French titles are: three Champions, two European Super Cups, two Spanish Super Cups, two Club World Cups and a League. He only needs to conquer the Cup, which has already resisted him as a white player: he played two finals and lost both. But the thing is not there. The French coach has remained in a single title to match the 11 trophies that Johan Cruyff raised as coach of Barcelona. Further, with the one of the Supercopa it surpassed the registry of 10 titles that Luis Enrique conquered like Barca coach. He is the fourth coach with the most official titles for the same club in the history of Spanish football, according to data from Mr. Chip. Its history as a coach is also striking: He has played nine finals and won the nine. Guardiola, for example, won eight of his first nine finals. It is a devastating fact that supports his career as a senior coach.last_img read more

Celta ties Oriol Romeu and could already play in the Copa del Rey

first_imgThe second signing of Celtic in the winter market will be Oriol Romeu. The Catalan midfielder lived yesterday from the bench his last game as a player of the Southampton. The agreement between the English club and the olive club is only pending to define the payment method. The operation will be around ten million euros and the midfielder, 28, will sign a long-term contract that will include a clause to facilitate its exit in the event that Celta loses the category. Having belonged to Southampton for the past five seasons, Romeu returns to The league, where he has already played with him Barcelona and the Valencia. The player from Tarragona has agreed to make a remarkable economic effort to commit himself to the province of Vigo. If everything goes according to plan, Oscar Garcia I could count on the pivot to play on Thursday the sixteenth of the Copa del Rey before him Mirandés.Once this arrival is closed, Celta will turn to hire one extreme. The first option is Cristian Tello.last_img read more

The Bundesliga asks to extend the break until April 30

first_imgOf course, everything possible will be done to avoid total suspension. “Responsibility for a financial branch with a total of 56,000 employees” leaves him no other option, the league body explained. Therefore, the objective is to carry out the season until June 30, at which time numerous player contracts expire and which forces the authorities to try, at least, to play the rest of the matches until that deadline. Various scenarios are being considered, most of them behind closed doors and expressly to carry out the matches in a few weeks. The Bundesliga plans to extend the hiatus until April 30. After being forced to postpone the last two days of the highest German competition due to the coronavirus crisis, the league federation DFL met on Tuesday via videoconference and will recommend prolonging the break until April 30. It will be next March 31 when the representatives of the DFL meet with the 36 clubs of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 to make a final decision on how and when the German championship can be resumed.“The DFL presidency is fully aware that all scenarios and options depend on factors outside of it. Both the DFL and the clubs cannot, or only partially, influence them. It is about the spread of the virus and the assessment of the situation by politics. In this scenario, the DFL presidency will express the recommendation to extend the suspension of all activity in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga2 until, at least, April 30, “said the statement issued by the DFL.last_img read more

Achraf: “I don’t know when my contract with Madrid ends”

first_imgHave you lowered your salary in Dortmund?We have had to help in this cause and we see it as normal. There are club workers who are not receiving money now. We have lowered the salary a little. I am paid by Dortmund and regarding my contract, the reduction of Real Madrid does not affect me at all.You end the loan in June, but when does your contract end in Madrid? In 2022?I don’t know when my contract ends, that subject is taken by my agent. I think it will be around, but I don’t know very well. It is the same contract that I signed in 2017.Can you imagine if on July 1 you become a Madrid player and the Bundesliga has not finished?They haven’t told me anything. I have seen news about it, but if that happens I suppose that they will give permission so that we can end the current club and continue. I think it would be the most normal thing.Are you flattered that so many teams love you?Who does not like it? I am proud of what I am doing and I am very happy with the teams I have. In June I will have to make a decision and it will be a great step for my career. In theory, my contract ends in June and from there I have to return to Madrid. I have not yet had contact with Madrid on this matter, but I imagine that soon we will have some conversation to find out what is best for me.How will the charity tournament be Fortnite What have you created in Getafe?It is an initiative that I have thought of at home. One of my hobbies it’s the Play Station. Speaking to the Mayor of Getafe, I thought about helping her people. People need help and I think it is a good way to raise as much as possible for families in need. Now i’m trying to talk to youtubers, footballers and people who want to participate in this cause. We are going to have a good time that everyone will see.You are more builder or camper at Fortnite?It depends on who you play with. I like to build to go after people. What is Achraf doing right now?Tomorrow I have free and I stay watching a movie.How many days did you go to train last week?All except Sunday.How many people are going to train at Borussia?I arrive at 10 and we start training at 10:30. I work with my group, with five or six people. We do not cross. We each work on our own. We do not make any contact. See you in training, but until you give us permission, there will be no other type of training.What kind of exercises do you do?We mix a little, gym, rondo or soccer-tennis. But with almost no contact.Is the coach in the session? Are you wearing a mask?There are the first, second and third coaches, along with each of the physical trainers, who are more protected. But with hardly any contact.How long are the trainings?An hour and a half. We can shower there, but almost all of us go home.Has the police ever stopped you?No, here in Dortmund where I am, things are very quiet. More than in Madrid. Here they let you go to the supermarket and go to train. They have it very controlled, but it is not like in Madrid the Police do not let you do anything. Here they are very cautious. There are no restaurants and shops open, but they don’t tell you anything when you go out for a breath.Are you going to resume contact training soon?On Tuesday when we return we will continue as a group. When we know when we will compete again, I suppose the training will change.Will the Bundesliga return on May 9?It is an estimated date, I think it can change. I’m glad it’s that date, but the sooner the better. However, we have to be careful about the situation we are in.How do you keep in touch with your family members?I try to write to myself through WhatsApp, but I know that the situation is more complicated in Madrid.last_img read more