Let us not waste time on ignorance of outsiders

first_imgDear Editor,Allow me to express my disappointment with a few articles and videos on Guyana surfacing online, and especially on social media.These opinions from outside Guyana are juicy to the readers and viewers. The article in New York Times on Guyana’s oil stirred our guts, but few of us had the courage to rebut the arguments, although a few opinions are a matter of concern that we need to address. There are a few videos on Guyana’s oil being circulated on social media, and they are damaging the image of our beautiful Guyana. These video presentations are very interesting, but from an outside perspective. I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinions. Someone else’s opinions must not derail our belief in ourselves as a strong, compact nation.However, there is no harm in discussing other opinions; and if they are true, let us utilise them for the betterment of Guyana.Some persons believe that once you have a pencil, you are a writer, or once you have a camera, you are a journalist. This is untrue in this highly social media-driven world. I mean to say, anyone can post anything online, and there are always people who buy this with less or no wisdom. That is where we have a problem. It is true that oil is in Guyana, but it must be a concern for Guyanese, and not for others to tell us what we should do or what we will become. We, as Guyanese, must be strong at this time, and not give in to external pressure. Whatever people speak, we know who we are.Let us stand together as a nation, and not as Indo- and Afro-Guyanese. We are a nation of multiple diversities, and let this be our strength during these crucial times. Let us help our leaders, both ruling and opposition, to come to the table to guard our wealth and resources. This way, we can truly channel our resources for the betterment of our country. Just ignore anything that is not true, and take only what is true.Let us not waste time on the ignorance of outsiders; rather, let us believe in our strength. Our strength is their ignorance.Sincerely,Arun Williamslast_img

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