Aditi Mittal Mahima Kukreja call out Tanmay Bhat on his clinical depression

first_imgMumbai: Comedians Aditi Mittal and Mahima Kukreja have called out Tanmay Bhat for using a mental health issue like depression to try and do damage control in the wake of AIB’s fall from grace amid #MeToo allegations. In a series of Instagram videos last week, Bhat claimed he is suffering from “clinical depression”. “After everything that happened in October, I’m mentally checked out. I feel almost paralysed and unable to participate socially, online or even offline,” he said. Also Read – Rihanna to release 500-page ‘visual’ autobiography Bhat was under attack for his inaction in the complaints against comic Utsav Chakraborty during the #MeToo movement in October 2018. Last month, comedy group AIB announced that Bhat will step down from the post of CEO and the company’s YouTube channel is “dead for the foreseeable future”. On Sunday, Mittal in a series of tweets blasted Bhat for using depression as merely a good for “public consumption”. She further said the claims sounded insincere as the corporates had pulled out investment from AIB post #MeToo wave hit the comedy collective. Also Read – Hilarie Burton, Jeffery Dean Morgan tie the knot “I remember when I had to hear on the set of a show that I was working on that I gave ‘t** access too soon’ coz it was told by Tanmay Bhat to the 22 year old writers on that set. I spent a year saying no to work after that coz I was terrified I would have to hear that again… We’ve all been f**ked over by life. But apparently depression is only newsworthy when someone who had a corporates throwing money at him stopped having money thrown at him… “Sisters out there wanting to be symbols and role models of depressed people not being depressed. Like what part of your life will you not sell for public consumption, again? Like, if you want to play depression victim now, you please acknowledge the system of 19-24 year olds with Macs and Twitter accounts, and men with VC funds that you were ‘friends’ with that led to the depression of so many young women who tried to do comedy at that time,” Mittal wrote. She recalled being “slut shamed” by Chakraborty, former comedian at AIB who was outed by comic Mahima Kukreja as an alleged sexual harasser. “I remember being slut shamed by Utsav Chakraborty, to a guy that said he liked me. He told the guy ‘Be careful of Aditi, she’s been around.’ It’s kind of why I felt so incredibly strongly for Mahima when she spoke up. Because I just couldn’t bear to have more of this happen.” Allegations against Chakarborty came to light as part of a Twitter thread about the way Indian men behaved onboard a cruise liner. Chakraborty apparent woke tweet did not sit well with Kukreja who called him out on his own behaviour alleging that he sent her unsolicited pictures of private parts opening a can of worms as many other women, including minors, came forward with similar allegations. On Monday, Kukreja pointed out the irony in Bhat’s videos saying, nobody bothered about the mental health of women who were harassed. “Women’s mental health has been great much anxiety etc depression is fun all is great. Just FYI because nobody is asking,” Kukreja said, adding women struggle with mental health issues on a daily basis. She added, “Also FYI my mental trauma is valid and I’ve f**king dealt with it and will continue to deal with it without hurting women in the process “I can’t get myself to get on stage regularly to perform comedy because I’m afraid to run into your fav woke comic boys who will trigger me and cause me panic attacks but the who the f**k cares right.” There were some supportive voices in the comedians community with people such as Kaneez Surka, Kunal Kamra, Naveen Richard and Zakir Khan posting messages wishing Bhat good health. “You are so loved jaan – you don’t even realise how much,” Surka, who had accused Mittal of forcefully kissing her on stage, wrote on Instagram. Mittal said the kiss, during an open mic, was part of the act but she apologised unconditionally for causing discomfort to Surka. “We cannot empathise. But we can sympathise. And love. And there is plenty of love over on this side. Just come on over and help yourself to as much as you want buddy,” Naveen Richard said. Kamra wrote, “We are all rooting for you to come back harder and stronger.”last_img read more

Feds limit chinook fishery to help resident killer whale recovery

first_imgVANCOUVER – The federal government is closing some recreational and commercial chinook fisheries on the West Coast in an effort to help save endangered southern resident killer whales.Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc said Thursday that a lack of prey for the whales is one of the critical factors affecting their recovery.Southern residents inhabit the waters from south and central Vancouver Island all the way to northern California where they hunt for the salmon.There are just 76 of the whales left and LeBlanc said in a news release that a reduction in the total chinook fishery of 25 to 35 per cent will help conserve the orca’s main food source.The closures will be in the Juan de Fuca Strait and around portions of the Gulf Islands, the department said in the release.There will also be partial closures at the mouth of the Fraser River to protect key foraging areas for the whales.The federal government also announced that over $9.5 million will be spent on eight projects across B.C. to help restore chinook habitat.Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said the species faces imminent threats to its survival and recovery, and the government needs to take concrete action.“These iconic and awe-inspiring whales are cherished by Canadians across the country and visitors alike, and protecting them is essential to keeping our oceans healthy and dynamic — not just for today, but to ensure we leave a rich natural legacy to our kids and grandkids,” she said.The population, which is made up of three separate pods, was diminished significantly in the 1960s and ’70s when about 47 of the whales were captured and relocated to aquariums. Previous studies have found that acoustic and physical disturbances, along with pollution also play a role in threatening the population.The Fisheries Department said the whales are listed as an endangered species in both Canada and the United States.Owen Bird, executive director of the Sport Fishing Institute of British Columbia, said the announcement lacked enough detail for him to be sure how it would affect his members. It wasn’t clear how the fishery reduction would be achieved, or the nature and size of the closures, he said.He said he was surprised by the government’s assertion that lack of prey was one of the critical factors affecting the whales’ recovery.“I don’t know that that’s something that science has indicated is absolutely one of the factors. It certainly could be a part of the issue,” he said.“There are other factors that could play more or less of a role. … There’s noise, interference, access to prey.”Jeffery Young, a senior scientist with the David Suzuki Foundation, said there is solid science showing a lack of prey is a critical factor for the whales.Cutting the fishery is long overdue not only for the whales, but for the fish, he said.“A lot more work is needed not just to protect the orcas … but actually to rebuild those chinook salmon and ensure that we’re managing fisheries to get enough chinook past the fishery, available to whales and then into spawning grounds so they can rebuild,” Young said.He agreed that Ottawa’s announcement lacked details, not only about the closures, but what other measures will be taken to help save the whales.New rules should be brought in for contaminants, underwater noise and how close people and vessels can get to marine mammals, Young said.But he said the federal government’s announcement that the whales face an imminent threat to both their survival and recovery is an important statement, and he expects to see more regulations announced soon.“We’re happy to see it,” Young said.Bird said his members were very interested in being part of “meaningful efforts” to save the whales and he has been consulting with the federal government on the issue.“The recreational community is absolutely invested in wanting to see these creatures recover,” he said.A worst-case scenario would be if the government imposed measures against recreational fisheries and didn’t do anything else about the other problems affecting the whales, he said.“You wouldn’t want to see fisheries closed and yet big ships going by or commercial fishing activities taking place totally unabated in those same areas.”— With files from Laura Kane.last_img read more

Five things you need to know about bluegreen algae

first_imgLast weekend, three dogs died almost immediately after playing in the Saint John River near Fredericton.Though officials are still trying to determine if blue-green algal toxicity killed the animals, people are being warned to keep kids and pets away from any water with green scum on the surface.Given the warning, many people are asking: What is blue-green algae and how dangerous is it?Here’s five things you need to know:1. Algae blooms are most common in summer or early fall.That’s true, but according to the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health, blue-green algae — also known as cyanobacteria — can occur in Canada at any time of year. The microscopic organisms can be found in fresh, brackish or salt water.Janice Lawrence, an associate professor of biology at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, studies toxic algo blooms. Lawrence says cyanobacteria are actually different from algae.“Cyanobacteria are a group of bacterias that are capable of photosynthesizing, so they can harvest the sun’s energy for their basic function — so they’re separate,” Lawrence says.“The reason we call them cyanobacteria is because they have a cyan or blue-green colour, and that comes from the pigments they use to harvest the light.”Cyanobacteria are often confused with regular algae, which is green and lives in the same environments.2. Not all cyanobacteria are toxic.However, every bloom should be treated as if it is toxic.“They become troublesome when they produce toxins, and only a very small proportion of cyanobacteria produce toxins,” Lawrence says.Between 80 to 100 different compounds have been discovered in these blooms, and all have different levels of toxicity.They’re generally grouped into three classes: those that affect skin; those that affect the liver; and those that affect the nervous system.3. The toxins have similar effects on humans and animals.Cyanobacteria can produce cyanotoxins, which in high concentrations are harmful to animal and human health. In rare cases, exposure has been fatal to humans.The toxins that affect the nervous system can affect breathing.“Your diaphragm no longer works so you can’t breath,” says Lawrence. “You suffocate.”4. People should take these public health warnings seriously.Lawrence says she went rowing on the Saint John River on Friday morning, but she took precautions.Splashing around in the water can create aerosols, which can be ingested or inhaled.“I waded in with my boat and I made sure I washed everything really well when I got home,” she says.“I was just very careful not to ingest anything and not splash around very much. And I didn’t take my dog to the river, nor my young son — and I won’t until I know what the source of the toxins is.”5. Blue-green algae grow in warm conditions when water levels are low and can produce toxins that can affect the brain.Provincial veterinarian Dr. Jim Goltz has said the dogs in question died within a half-hour of being in the river.That fact is a key concern for Lawrence.“If it is a neurotoxin, it had to be fairly concentrated because of how rapidly they died,” she says. “And the locations were on opposite sides of the river — Carleton Park and Hartt Island, about seven kilometres apart. So that’s quite a distance.”last_img read more

Toronto and area home sales dip 395 per cent in March compared

first_imgTORONTO – Canada’s two largest real estate markets saw double-digit annual sales declines in March, but the similar pattern in the two regions could soon diverge, according to a TD economist.The Toronto Real Estate Board said Tuesday that home sales in the Greater Toronto Area in March were down 39.5 per cent from last year, while the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver reported sales in its region dropped by 29.7 per cent. Both were down significantly from last year’s frenzied pace — what some observers consider a market peak —when home prices and sales skyrocketed and bidding wars were the norm.TREB said March sales figures were down 17.6 per cent from the 10-year average and REGBV said sales in that region were down 23 per cent, but had increased by 14 per cent the month prior.But the trend in the two markets could differ in the coming months, noted TD Economics senior economist Michael Dolega, in part because B.C.’s latest budget introduced a slew of measures to cool housing, including a speculation tax to target both foreign and domestic buyers not paying tax in the province. However, Ontario’s budget offered no new measures to tamp down the market.“We are in for some divergence moving forward with the Vancouver market seeing some continued weakness into the year, whereas Toronto will probably see some sideways movement, but more of a pickup later in the year when people trickle back into the market,” he said.“The worst is behind the Toronto market.”Ontario’s Liberal government, which faces an election this year, previously announced market stabilizing measures last April that included taxes on vacant properties and a non-resident speculation tax.Further cooling pressure came from the federal level, including a financial stress test for buyers implemented Jan. 1 for federally-regulated lenders and increases in both variable and fixed-rate mortgage rates as a result of moves by the Bank of Canada and fluctuations in the bond markets.Toronto’s market has since been “depressed” because buyers are putting off purchases and sellers avoiding putting their homes on the market in hopes that they can get a better price in the future months, Dolega said.In Vancouver, he said “affordability is so stretched,” making the market even more “sensitive” to recent interest rate hikes.Also tumbling in both cities was the number of new listings. Toronto’s totalled 14,866, a drop of three per cent in comparison to the 10-year average, but a 12.4 per cent decrease from last March. Vancouver’s reached 4,450, a 6.6 per cent decrease compared with March 2017. It marked the region’s lowest total of first-quarter new listings since 2013.BMO Capital Markets economist Robert Kavcic said he thinks “fundamentally both markets are both very solid” and that “housing demand is still very strong.”However, he said he didn’t consider March’s numbers a sign of a rebound yet.“Looking at Toronto sales, they are starting to stabilize, but they are stabilizing at low levels,” he said. “You are looking at some of the weakest sales activity since the last sales recession.”Tuesday’s numbers revealed that when compared to last March, the average price of a home in the GTA was down 14.2 per cent to $784,558 last month, a decrease from the average of $915,126 in the same month last year. Year-over-year sales of detached properties and apartments sunk by 37 per cent and 26.7 per cent respectively in the Vancouver area.Kavcic said he considered it stabilization of prices and a reflection of listings from the start of the year starting to be absorbed.He said he thinks conditions will improve in both markets, a sentiment echoed by TREB’s director of market analysis Jason Mercer, who predicted home sales will be up relative to 2017 in the second half of this year.“Right now, when we are comparing home prices, we are comparing two starkly different periods of time,” said Mercer.Mercer said there was less than a month of inventory last year versus two and three months this year.“It makes sense that we haven’t seen prices climb back to last year’s peak,” Mercer said. “However, in the second half of the year, expect to see the annual rate of price growth improve compared to Q1, as sales increase relative to the below-average level of listings.”last_img read more

At UN Cuba cites progress in US relations but with embargo still

Bruno Eduardo Rodríguez Parrilla particularly noted progress in in diplomatic relations, dialogue and cooperation in areas of mutual interest, as evidenced by the high-level visits that have taken place, including by US President Barack Obama.“However, the blockade is still in force; it continues to cause serious damages and hardships to the Cuban people; and continues to hinder the functioning of our economy and its relations with other countries,” he explained, adding: “The executive measures adopted by the US Government, although positive, are still insufficient.”Moreover, the recent examples of the economic and financial damages caused by the blockade to Cuba and third countries are numerous. “As long as this continues to happen, we will continue to present to this Assembly the draft resolution entitled ‘Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States of America against Cuba,’” he said, reiterating the Cuban Government’s willingness to continue developing a respectful dialogue with the US Government, knowing that there is still a long way ahead in order to move towards the normalization of relations. “[This] means building a new model of bilateral relations in our common history, which could never be forgotten. For this to be possible someday, it will be indispensable that the blockade is lifted. The territory illegally occupied by the US naval base in Guantanamo against Cuba’s will, must be returned to our country,” he stressed.Turning to wider development issues, he said: “The gap between our deliberations and peoples’ realities persists. The lack of political will of industrialized States becomes evident. The irrational patterns of consumption and production of capitalism which lead to the destruction of the living conditions in the planet are replicated.”Indeed, Foreign Minister Rodríguez Parrilla said the huge nuclear and conventional stockpiles and the annual military budget of $1.7 trillion give lie to those who affirm that there are no resources to eradicate poverty and underdevelopment. “However, there are many arguments that justify the urgency of building a new international financial architecture,” he stressed. Against such a backdrop, he said the UN must be defended from unilateralism, and at the same time it needs to be reformed into a more democratic organization that is closer to the problems, needs and aspirations of peoples; capable of leading the international system towards peace, sustainable development and the respect of all human rights for all.With than in mind, he called for, among others, reform of the Security Council, both in terms of its composition and working methods – “a task that should not be put off any longer.” The strengthening of the General Assembly and the restoration of the functions that were usurped by the Council should guide the search for a more democratic and efficient Organization. read more

UN calls for recognizing the rights of people with autism to make

“Let us ensure that we make available the necessary accommodations and support to persons with autism,” Secretary-General António Guterres said in his message for the Day.” “With access to the support they need and choose, they will be empowered to face the key milestones in every person’s life,” he added, making decisions such as where and with whom to live, what type of work to pursue and how to manage their personal finances.One in 160 children has an autism spectrum disorder, according to estimates by the UN World Health Organization (WHO). Around the world, one per cent of the entire population – possibly two per cent – is on the spectrum. In a special event in New York ahead of the Day, marked annually on 2 April, the UN and the international community gathered to renew their commitment to raising awareness about autism and the need for people with the disorder to have equal opportunity and full participation in society on equal basis with other citizens.Cristina Gallach, the Under-Secretary-General for Public Information, which co-organized the event along with the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, said in her opening remarks that to achieve an inclusive society, “we must ensure that the fundamental rights enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities are known and respected.” The Convention entered into force in 2008, to promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by people with disabilities, and to promote their dignity.In his statement, the President of the General Assembly, Peter Thomson said that awareness events, such as the one being held today, are important to helping people and their families lead more enjoyable lives.“A lack of understanding of the causes, symptoms and effects of autism has in many cases led to a proliferation of misinformation, anxiety and confusion,” Mr. Thomson said in a statement delivered by Masud Bin Momen, Assembly Vice-President.He called for early intervention programmes, health programmes and support services to ensure that people with autism can access education, training and jobs. “So that ultimately autism does not define them,” Mr. Thomson said, and they are seen “as who they are, people with ideas, capacities and contributions to make.” Autism is mainly characterized by its unique social interactions, non-standard ways of learning, keen interests in specific subjects, inclination to routines, challenges in typical communications and particular ways of processing sensory information. The stigmatization and discrimination associated with neurological differences remain substantial obstacles to diagnosis and therapies.’We are failing to protect the rights of people with autism’ – Keynote address“Autonomy and self-determination for people with autism cannot be separated from a discussion of their human rights,” said Simon Baron-Cohen, Director of the Autism Research Center at the University of Cambridge, in his keynote address.Having studied autism for decades, Dr. Baron-Cohen said that many people on the spectrum have excellent attention to detail and the ability to spot patterns, for example, but need safeguarding because they trust people’s words as facts and have a hard time fitting in socially.Referencing statistics, such as that half of people with autism are too afraid to leave their homes for fear that they will be taken advantage of, Dr. Baron-Cohen chided the international community.“On the first human right, the right to dignity, as civilized nations, we are failing to protect the rights of people with autism.” He defined autism as “an example of neurodiversity”, saying that “differently wired brains lead to different profiles of strengths and challenges, and should not be judges as better or worse. They’re just different. People with autism are asking for acceptance and respect.”AUDIO: In terms of civil liberties for people with autism, the international community overall is living in “the Dark Ages,” Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, the Director of the Autism Research Centre at the University of Cambridge told a special event at UN Headquarters.Also today, the UN hosted a High-Level event on ‘Populations in Movement: Addressing the Opportunities and Challenges to Ensure Care and Services to Migrants with Autism and Developmental Disabilities,’ which was co-organized by the Permanent Missions to the United Nations of Bangladesh, China, India, Qatar and Turkey, as well as Autism Speaks. It was moderated by Pamela Falk, of CBS News and a UN Resident Correspondent.The opening segment included interventions from: Ambassador Masud Bin Momen of Bangladesh and Acting President of the General Assembly; Ambassador Sheikha Aiya Ahmed bin Sail Al-Thani, of Qatar; Angela Geiger, President and CEO of Autism Speaks; Ambassador Georgi Panayotov, of Bulgaria and President of the Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD); Ambassador Liu Jieyi, of China; Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin, of India; Ambassador Feridun H. Sinirlioglu, of Turkey.The event also featured an expert panel discussion with: Werner Obermeyer, Deputy Executive Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Office at the United Nations, Suzanne Sheldon, Senior Adviser and Team Leader for the Global Compact on Migration, International Organization for Migration (IOM) to the United Nations; Professor Donald Wertlieb, Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Development Tufts University and Coordinator, Early Childhood Development Task Force (ECDtf) for the Global Partnership for Children with Disabilities (GPcwd), UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF); Dr. Sonali Gupta, Senior Global Mental Health and Psychosocial Officer, International Medical Corps (IMC) piloting the implementation of the WHO-AS Parent Skills Training program in Syrian refugee camps; and Zsuzsanna Szilvasy, President and Member of the Executive Committee, Autism-Europe. read more

October 2011 – EV and AFV registrations

SMMT has published Electric and Alternatively-Fuelled Vehicle registration figures for October and the year-to-date.Please note: this data includes only new car registrations and not commercial vehicles.For questions about these figures, or to enquire about more detailed data sets, e-mail more information about the Plug-In Car Grant, visit the OLEV website. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)

Scathing Cheney biopic Vice next in BUFS lineup

On Thursday, March 28, the Brock University Film Society (BUFS) introduces audiences to Vice, the epic story of how a Washington bureaucrat quietly became the most powerful man in the world.Adam McKay (The Big Short) directs a talented cast that includes Christian Bale as Dick Cheney, Sam Rockwell as George W. Bush, Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney and Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld.As Bush’s Vice-President, Cheney, already a corporate powerhouse and political insider, remade the role into one that wielded immense power. In the process, he quietly reshaped the U.S. and the globe in ways that we still feel today.“The singular achievement of Vice may be its depiction of Cheney as more than a punch line and more than the mwah-hah-hah plotter behind George W.’s ‘What, me worry?’ demeanour,” says the Toronto Star.In the words of the Associated Press, “Come for the politics, but stay for the performances. They’ll make it worth your while.”The cast and crew of Vice have received several accolades, including a best actor award for Bale from the Golden Globes and an Academy Award win for best makeup and hairstyling.Tickets for all BUFS shows are available at the Film House in the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre (PAC) on the evening of screenings. General admission is $9.50 or $7 for members, plus tax. Memberships are available through the Film House website.Visit the BUFS web page for a full list of this season’s selections. A calendar of films coming to the PAC over the next few months is posted on the Film House website. Look for the red B that indicates a BUFS-hosted screening.For more than 40 years, the Department of Communication, Popular Culture and Film has hosted the film society (previously known as a series) to bring some of the best in independent, international and Canadian cinema to St. Catharines. read more

How Liz Cambage Broke The WNBAs Scoring Record

Scoring is up across the board in the WNBA this year, and one player, Dallas Wings center Liz Cambage, aimed to keep it that way Tuesday when she scored 53 points — the highest individual total in league history — during a 104-87 victory over the New York Liberty.And given the other elements of her game, which included 10 rebounds, five blocks and two assists, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Cambage’s display in 37 minutes of playing time was one of the finer all-around showings the league has ever seen. It’s worth keeping in mind that the WNBA plays 40-minute games as opposed to the NBA’s 48-minute ones. That difference is a key reason that the NBA, which has experienced a spike in triple-doubles in recent years, sees that statistical rarity so much more often than does the WNBA, where it has happened only seven times in league history.Cambage, 26, shot 17-of-22 from the field and 15-of-16 at the free-throw line, all while outscoring New York’s starting five by 10 points. She torched nearly every look the Liberty threw at her, alternating between either side of the floor, and made mincemeat out of double-teams as if she were still being covered by a single defender. She logged 11 points in the first quarter, 17 in the second and five in the third before going off for 20 in the final period to seal the game.Yet a handful of her buckets in the first half came with no one near her at all — largely because she doesn’t hold the reputation of a sharpshooter and had only made five triples in 74 career WNBA games heading into Tuesday’s contest. So one can only imagine the initial shock New York players felt when Cambage calmly drained four threes on five attempts.The 6-foot-8 Cambage isn’t known as a jump shooter. More generally, she isn’t widely known in this country at all despite having long been a basketball star in Australia, where she grew up — perhaps because of her disjointed time in the league. She was the No. 2 pick in the 2011 WNBA draft but made it clear upon being selected by the Tulsa Shock that she didn’t want to play there. As such, she has never played two consecutive seasons in the U.S., and she spent the past four years playing overseas, where many of the best players routinely sign to earn higher salaries.In any case, Cambage — who entered Tuesday averaging nearly 20 points and more than nine boards — has pieced together an impressive season, having been named an all-star for a second time. She ranks in the league’s 95th percentile in post-up situations this year, according to Synergy Sports Technology.1She is tied for the WNBA lead in technical fouls. In games like Tuesday’s, in which Cambage is fully in sync with point guard and fellow all-star Skylar Diggins-Smith, there aren’t a ton of good options defensively to contain her. (New York wasn’t all that successful in denying Cambage during the first meeting between the teams, either, when Cambage scored 28 points on just 17 shots in that game, albeit in a Liberty win)Just minutes into Tuesday’s game, the Liberty tried forcing the ball out of her hands with a double-team, and Cambage simply kicked the ball out to the arc, where Allisha Gray was prepared to knock down an open triple. Then, on her next scoring chance, Cambage — having just illustrated the risk in sending a double-team her way — aggressively sealed her defender inside the restricted area, allowing Diggins-Smith to loft a pass from the arc into her for an easy lay-in. Beyond that, she kept defenders off balance by occasionally putting the ball on the floor and inviting contact, like she did against Amanda Zahui B a pair of times during the final period.Cambage surpassed the WNBA record of 51 points, set in 2013 by Riquna Williams. Cambage’s game Tuesday, with those 10 rebounds and five blocks, was far more complete than that of Williams, who finished hers with just one rebound and three assists. (Williams and Cambage were teammates during that 2013 season.) The next-highest showings are held by names that are far more well known throughout the sport: Maya Moore (48 points in 2014), Diana Taurasi (47 in 2006) and Lauren Jackson (47 in 2007), an Australian ex-player with whom Cambage has drawn comparisons.But a performance like this one only figures to boost her profile. “I’ve had big numbers in China, I’ve had big numbers in Australia, and I’ve heard a lot of people say I could never have big numbers here in the WNBA,” she told reporters afterward. “So I guess this game is for y’all.”CORRECTION (July 18, 2018, 12:15 p.m.): A previous version of this article included an incorrect quarter-by-quarter breakdown of the 53 points that Liz Cambage scored in Tuesday’s game between the Dallas Wings and the New York Liberty. Cambage scored 11 points in the first quarter, 17 in the second, five in the third and 20 in the fourth. (The WNBA originally reported Cambage as having scored 13 points in the first and 15 in the second.) read more

Heart attack 999 response extended from eight minutes to 40

first_imgThe reforms mean around four million calls a year which are currently treated as “life-threatening” will no longer be deemed as requiring the most urgent response. Heart attack and stroke victims could wait 40 minutes for an ambulance under new NHS targets, but health chiefs say the radical change will mean patients will get the right help sooner. Around half of all ambulance calls are classed as life-threatening, with a target for a response within eight minutes. Consequently, ambulance trusts regularly dispatch volunteers and paramedics on motorbikes in an attempt to reach the scene in time, even though they cannot help those who need transporting to hospital. Now NHS chiefs have ordered the…last_img

Murphs Sideline Cut All of Galway is going to have to wear

first_imgDeliberate tactical snobbery is not the problem with Galway.  The problem is a lack of mean bastards in the team.  Cocky, arrogant, ignorant players that are a mild disgrace to their families with their carry-on. Galway are in dire need of some of them right now.  And getting two players sent off isn’t what I’m talking about here – that’s just frustration.  I’m talking about sustained, controlled aggression.You hear rugby players talking about leadership groups in teams – a group of the 5 or 6 big characters in the team that meet regularly to decide with the management the team’s style of play, and set the standards for the squad as a whole.  Who’s in that group for Galway at the moment?8 members of the 2011 All-Ireland under-21 winning team started yesterday, and the other seven were the players that Galway people were looking to for leadership. Two of those seven were sent off, with three more taken off.And that’s the big problem for Alan Mulholland now.  That older group failed him, and all of Galway is just going to have to wear this one for a long time to come.  Redemption is available through the qualifiers, if Galway have the stomach for it. Mayo’s Andy Moran celebrates with Cillian O’Connor after scoring a goalPic: INPHO/Cathal NoonanYour GAA championship weekend review3 reasons why Mayo can be cheerful and Galway can be fearful Twitter: @saveciaranmurphPeople have this image of Galway fans throwing their head back snootily at the modern game and all of its cynicism and defensiveness.  That is utter crap – Galway can still play attacking, fluent football, and be relevant in the game as we now know it.  Look at the scoring rate in Division 1 this year – you’ll have to be capable of putting up big scores to win the All-Ireland this September. This Week Murph was – on the verge of hating Andy Moran for what he did to us in the last minute in Salthill yesterday.  But goddamnit, he’s just so bloody likeable. After careful consideration, he will be relieved to know that he’s still in my good books. I ASKED MY mother afterwards was it as bad as 1983, and she said it was.So we can call it then – yesterday was a very bad day indeed to be a Galway supporter.You can try and weigh up what’s worse, losing an All-Ireland to a team with 12 players, or getting humiliated 4-16 to 0-11 at home to your biggest rivals.But you wait all winter for one game, and then after 30 minutes, you want it all to end.  That was yesterday in a nut-shell.Mayo came ready to play championship football yesterday.  Alan Dillon took up his position at left corner forward for the start of the game and dumped Jonny Duane on his arse before the ball was thrown in.They looked tuned in, confident.  Galway looked like they didn’t know themselves how they were going to go.  And when things went wrong, they didn’t have anyone to rally around.Senior inter-county football is vicious now – tough, cynical, oppressive… a place where it takes a very specific, perhaps not very likeable, type of man to thrive.  At every other level of football, Galway is thriving.  But when it gets nasty, when you’re required to do something you’d be a little ashamed of, we don’t have the stomach for it. That’s harsh, but that’s the reality of it.James Horan spoke during the week about how he didn’t really subscribe to all this ‘form-guide goes out the window’ talk around derbies.  Mayo were playing in Division 1, Galway were mid-table in Division 2.He fully expected his team to win, and he didn’t really give a damn how many All-Ireland’s Galway had won in the last 129 years (9 to Mayo’s 3 – just by the way!  You’ll allow me that on this of all mornings, surely).  And why should he?I wrote last year about Donegal and how great teams show composure on the ball – you couldn’t say that about even one Galway player yesterday.  They are good players but they are fragile mentally, and haven’t had a win to hang their coat on in years.  We haven’t won a real championship game, a dogfight, in so long that it’s starting to feel like we’ll never win one.You see countless teams do hand-passing drills nowadays in their warm-ups, describing delicate parabolas as they weave in and out of each other’s way.  It’s at high-speed, and the ball whizzes from hand to hand.Compare the speed at which that drill is done even by ordinary club players to how Galway handpassed the ball yesterday – like a father handing his newborn over to a friend who has a few pints on board.  There was no conviction in how they transferred the ball to each other, no confidence that they were capable of playing their way out of trouble.The couple of early scores that came directly from that lack of assurance in the Galway backline were really damaging.  But Mayo were there with their foot on Galway’s throat immediately.  They were merciless, and they took considerable joy in turning the screw.  That’s what senior championship football is all about.  And it is a mentality that Galway have to try and sign up to.last_img read more

Nostalgia rolls down the Gut

first_imgOn an old-fashioned summer night, there wasn’t an empty seat on Main Street.People sat in lawn chairs or on blankets outside Dairy Queen. Some piled into pickups with coolers and had tailgate parties. Others walked along the sidewalk, sipping on a milk shake or munching a burger.And amid the bustle was a long line of colorful vintage cars — howling engines, smelly exhaust and all.“Just like the good ol’ days,” Judy Pashon of Camas said with a smile, sitting next to her 1955 hot pink Ford Crown Victoria, parked in the Dairy Queen parking lot. “If you look at the age group here, they’re all reminiscing.”Saturday was the night to step back in time as the second annual Gut Cruise took over Main Street between 28th and Eighth streets. And many patrons were dressed for the occasion, with some ladies wearing poodle skirts and men donning leather jackets. Pashon came wearing a white scarf in her ponytail. It seemed fitting if she was going to drive a car with the nickname “Passion.” (Her license plate is her last name, Pashon.)“Passion” appeared to be a crowd favorite.“Everybody was stopping and pointing,” she said of the moment when she and her husband, Hal, first pulled up to the Cruise. “They said, ‘We like yours the best.’”last_img read more

Zoo animals place bets for World Cup

first_img(WSVN) – Zoo animals placed their bets for who they think will win the World Cup.Zella the elephant predicts that Germany will be knocked out in the early rounds.She also believes Senegal will be the final champions.Nanook the baby polar bear believes otherwise after demolishing the box tagged with the Mexican flag.Zookeepers say that’s a sign of Mexico’s coming defeat.Germany and Mexico face each other on Sunday.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Nothing being done for flood victims BNP

first_imgMirza Fakhrul Islam AlamgirThe Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) on Friday alleged that the government is only putting in its all-out efforts to secure its ‘illegal power’ instead of standing by the disaster-hit people.”People had an expectation that the government will stand by the flood victims with its all strength at this bad time of the country. Unfortunately, it’s busy working out plan how to protect its illegal power,” said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.He came up with the allegation while inaugurating BNP’s youth wing Jatiyatabadi Juda Dal’s relief distribution programme at the party’s Naya Paltan central office.The BNP leader said the government is so desperate to cling to power that it is now attacking the judiciary and interfering in its independence. “They (govt) are doing everything necessary to destroy the country’s democratic system.”About the flood, he said people in the flood-affected areas are going through serious ordeals for lack of food, safe water and shelter. “But the government still can’t deliver adequate relief materials to them. This regime has failed to deliver on all fronts.”Fakhrul assured that their party leaders and activists will stand beside the flood victims with their best efforts. “BNP is working for the welfare of people. BNP is now there beside the flood victims.”He called upon BNP leaders and activists at levels to come forward in aid of the disaster-affected people.The BNP leader said their party men has been working in the flood-hit areas and giving the victims with relief materials since their chairperson’s call to do so.Juba Dal will distribute relief materials, including rice, pulse, potato, salt and dry foods among the flood victims in the country’s northern and central regions.On Thursday, BNP formed a central relief committee, headed by Fakhrul, to stand by the flood victims.last_img read more

Houston We Have The States Only Gay Pride Rainbow Crosswalk

first_img– / 7Longtime Montrose resident Roy Green was one of those snapping photos of the new crosswalk, four strips of rainbow ribbon designed to get walkers and cyclists safely across the street. “It’s all great,” says Green. “Because not only does it add pride and emotional value to the neighborhood, it adds physical value to the property in the neighborhood as well.”Montrose has long been a center of Houston’s LGBT community. The new crosswalk was funded by the group Pride Houston, not just to highlight the neighborhood’s history but also to call attention to public safety. A nearby utility box is painted with the image of 21-year-old Alex Hill, who was killed by a hit-and-run driver at Westheimer and Taft in 2016.Green says he’d like to see more colorful crosswalks. “I would just love to see intersections, crosswalks, painted with just art whether it’s the rainbow flag or not,” adds Green. The rainbow crosswalk was unveiled ahead of this coming weekend’s Pride parade. The event was held for many years in Montrose before it moved downtown. Sharelast_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter Whether youre an aspi

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterWhether you’re an aspiring amateur snapper with a passion for wildlife or a professional papparazzo with lots of glass looking for that perfect photographic moment, the Jaci’s Lodges‘ photographic safari options guarantee an encounter with some of the most sought-after wildlife subjects.The ‘Terrapin Hide’ is a submerged photographic hide that is located in the Jaci’s Waterhole providing incredible water level photographic opportunities as the animals come down to drink at the waterhole. Accessed via an underwater tunnel which starts under the star bed, and due to the camp being fenced, it is accessible 24/7 without the need for a guide.In addition, Jaci’s Lodges has developed a specialised ‘photographic vehicle’, equipped with Gimpro game viewer mounts and professional level DSLR equipment. All guest’s need to do is book a seat and be willing to learn from one of the best photographic guides in South Africa.Acclaimed wildlife and nature photographer, Andrew Aveley, has joined the Jaci’s Lodges team as the resident photographic professional. Mr Aveley will guests on safaris, teaching them everything from basic operations of the equipment to aperture and composition, as well as being available to guests in the editing studio after photographic safaris. Andrew will be at Jaci’s Lodges for eight residency stints in 2016, with each residency ranging from 10 to 14 days.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

The natural bounty of South Australias Kangaroo I

first_imgThe natural bounty of South Australia’s Kangaroo Island is at the heart of new tours from Kangaroo Island Odysseys (KOI), which officially unveiled the new tour selection during a sumptuous lunch at Bei Amici at Sydney’s Darling Point on Thursday 27 July.Guest speaker, Nick Hannaford, owner of LifeTime Private Retreats, one of the island’s premier accommodation  options, introduced attendees to the natural delights hosted by his island while chef Felix Rutz used KI produce to create a feast.The new KIO ‘Kangaroo Island Food & Wine Tours’ invite guests to spend three days indulging every sense and sampling the best of Kangaroo Island fresh produce and wines, starting on selected dates from September 2017.All seasonal KIO Food & Wine tours are fully inclusive, including return flights from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island and all Adelaide airport transfers.Explore the island with a private tour guide in luxury, air-conditioned 4×4 vehicles in small groups of up to 8 guests, with accommodation at the opulent Lifetime Private Retreats or Sea Dragon Lodge.Specialising in handcrafted accommodation, Life Time Private Retreats, on the North Coast, offers four holiday houses nestled into a coastal location and surrounded by Kangaroo Islands’ natural beauty. Luxury houses include The Sky House, The Cliff House, The Settlers Homestead and Sheoaks.Sea Dragon Lodge is set on a seafront estate at the eastern end of the island, on the Dudley Peninsula, with a private beach to explore and wildlife at the doorstep. Sea Dragon Lodge features eco-friendly villas and a three-bedroom lodge.KIO Food & Wine tours have been developed to highlight the best food, wine and nature-based experiences available during each of the four seasons. All seasonal tours are different with a choice of tours for Summer/Spring, Autumn and Winter.Tours visit the islands most beautiful beaches like Emu Bay, Stokes Bay and Vivonne Bay and an array of attractions.Experience a personalised vineyard and winery tour at ‘The Islander Estate Vineyard’, Bay of Shoals Wines or Dudley Wines, taste locally distilled gin and spirits at KI Spirits, sample a variety of delicious cheese and yoghurts at the Island Pure Sheep Dairy, stop in at Island Beehive for a tour and honey tastings, sample KI’s freshest oysters at the Kangaroo Island Shellfish Oyster Farm Shed and enjoy a half-day fishing charter.Dining experiences are ones that will be remembered for a lifetime with Lifetime Private Retreats catering partners, ‘Hannaford and Sachs’, showcasing Kangaroo Island’s best seasonal food in a range of outdoor settings and stunning coastal locations around Snelling Beach Middle River.Some ‘Hannaford and Sachs’ experiences include, ‘The Beach House Taverna BBQ Banquet’, a seafood barbecue dinner cooked over hot coals and featuring some of KI’s freshest, most mouth-watering produce.The ‘Shearers Feast’, is a night to remember, dining in elegance under the candlelit ambiance and eclectically decorated Hannaford family’s 80-year-old shearing shed, built from sugar gum trees and old corrugated iron. The night starts with drinks and a spot of Croquet on the lawn before sitting down to a three-course feast that showcases produce from both the sea and land.At the Enchanted Fig Tree dine underneath the boughs and leaves of a massive, ancient fig tree planted by the early settlers more than 100 years ago, which now form enchanting rooms with ceilings of swaying leaves and dappled light! Tables are set up to feature a fig inspired brunch menu, created straight from the pages of a fairy tale book.Other dining experiences on the tour include Kangaroo Island’s unique ‘Table Surfing’ dinners.  Join local island producers, farmers or home cooks in their own homes or farms for a home-cooked meal just as they would prepare for their friends and family.For wholesome, fresh and uncomplicated food and farm stories, join local chef and farmer, Tony Nolan, at his ‘Latitude 36 Farm Kitchen and indulge in a three-course gourmet dinner at Sunset Food & Wine.3 Day Sensations of Kangaroo Island Summer Tour – North Coast visits Emu and Stokes Bay; ‘The Islander Estate Vineyard’ for a personalised vineyard and winery tour, Island Pure Sheep Dairy for Cheese and yoghurt tastings; KI Spirits for a taste of locally distilled gin and Island Beehive for a tour and honey tastings. Enjoy lunch at The Rockpool Café and at Tony Nolan’s ‘Latitude 36 Farm Kitchen’ and brunch at The Enchanted Fig Tree. Dinners by Hannaford & Sachs include ‘The Shearer’s Feast’ and ‘The Beach Taverna BBQ Banquet’ and a three-course dinner at Sunset Food & Wine.3 Day Sensations of Kangaroo Island Summer Tour – North Coast is $2708 per person and includes all activities and meals, return flights from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island, Adelaide airport transfers and two-night’s accommodation at Lifetime Private Retreats.Spring 2017 departure dates for the Sensational Summer/Spring tours include Saturday 9 and 23 September, Friday 13 and 27 October and Saturday 11 and 25 November. 2017 and 2018 Summer tour dates include Friday 8 December 2017, Saturday 20 January and Friday 9 and 23 February 2018.3 Day Kangaroo Island in Autumn Tour – North Coast visits the picturesque beaches at Emu and Vivonne Bays’, ‘The Islander Estate Vineyard’; KI Spirits; tastings at Island Beehive; morning tea and gallery experience at Rustic Blue Gallery and Café; tastings and a savoury platter at Bay of Shoal Wines and venture out on a half-day fishing charter. Meals include ‘Where the Wild Things are Breakfast’; lunch at Tony Nolan’s ‘Latitude 36 Farm Kitchen’ and dinners include the ‘Shearers Feast’ and ‘Table Surfing Dinner’ at a local farm.3 Day Kangaroo Island in Autumn Tour – North Coast is $2708 per person departing from Adelaide and including return flights to Kangaroo Island, all activities and meals and accommodation for two nights at Lifetime Private Retreats.3 Day Kangaroo Island in Autumn Tour – Dudley Peninsula visits the idyllic beach at Island Beach; KI Spirits; Island Pure Sheep Dairy for cheese and yoghurt sampling; Bay of Shoal Wines for tastings and a savoury platter; try honey at Island Beehive; enjoy a half day fishing charter; indulge in a gourmet lunch and cellar door tastings at Dudley Wines Clifftop Cellar, dinner at Sunset Food and Wine and mouth-watering private breakfasts and dinners at the Sea Dragon Lodge with local Kangaroo Island wine.3 Day Kangaroo Island in Autumn Tour – Dudley Peninsula is $2314 per person departing from Adelaide and includes return flights to Kangaroo Island, Adelaide airport transfers, all activities and meals and two nights’ accommodation at Sea Dragon Lodge.2018 departure dates for the Awesome Autumn tours include Saturday 3 and 17 March, Friday 13 and 27 and 12 and 26 May.3 Day Kangaroo Island in Winter Tour – North Coast includes a half-day fishing charter; morning and afternoon tea at Emu Bay; a visit to ‘The Islander Estate Vineyard’; tasting at Kangaroo Island Spirits; cheese and yogurt tastings at Island Pure Sheep Dairy; tastings and a savoury platter at Bay of Shoal Wines and a tour and tastings at Kangaroo Island Shellfish Oyster farm.  Join Tony Nolan for lunch at his ‘Latitude 36 Farm Kitchen’ and enjoy ‘The Fire Feast’ dinner by local Chef, Rachel Hannaford and “Table Surfing Dinner” with locals.3 Day Kangaroo Island in Winter Tour – North Coast is $3102 per person departing from Adelaide and includes return flights to Kangaroo Island, Adelaide airport transfers, all activities and meals and accommodation for two nights at Lifetime Private Retreats.3 Day Kangaroo Island in Winter Tour – Dudley Peninsula Tours includes a half day fishing charter; visits KI Spirits to taste locally distilled Gin; Island Pure Sheep Dairy for cheese and yogurt tastings; and a tour and tastings at Kangaroo Island Shellfish Oyster farm. Enjoy a gourmet lunch and tastings at Dudley Wines Clifftop Cellar, and mouth-watering private breakfasts and dinners at the Sea Dragon Lodge with local Kangaroo Island wine.3 Day Kangaroo Island in Winter Tour – Dudley Peninsula is $2,504pp per person departing from Adelaide return flights to Kangaroo Island, Adelaide airport transfers, all activities and meals and accommodation for two nights at Sea Dragon Lodge.Departure dates for the 2018 Wonderful Winter tours include Friday 8 and 22 June, Saturday 14 and 28 July and Friday 10 and 24 August.last_img read more

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first_imgGo back to the enewsletterAccording to the latest findings from global luxury travel network, Virtuoso, Australian families are travelling further afield in the pursuit of memories to last a lifetime and experiences that transform their daily lives. The 2019 Virtuoso Luxe Report surveyed affiliated advisors to determine where, why and how families are travelling this summer. Recurring destinations among the results included Iceland, Cuba and Antarctica, all of which are considered “unconventional” family destinations.“Australians live in a destination the rest of the world wants to visit, so we were curious to see where they head for their own holidays,” Virtuoso Chairman and CEO Matthew D. Upchurch says. “For a country where almost 60% of the population has a passport, it’s no surprise Australian families are travelling together and seeking out some of the most interesting and unusual destinations on offer.“The next generation of travellers are primed to explore the world, seeking out genuine human connections andways to experience [local cultures] and a sense of the unique. Virtuoso travel advisors are there to help guidethese global citizens so that they get the most from their adventures, ultimately creating family memories of alifetime.”The 2019 Virtuoso Luxe Report shows that millennials have been bumped from their perch as the most influential generation, with Generation Z (those born from 2000 onwards), set to comprise nearly one-third (32%) of the global population of 7.7 billion in 2019. Millennials will represent 31.5%. One study puts Gen Z’s buying power at over US$500 billion.Generation Zers | Image credit: STORES Magazine“They may be young, but Gen Zers have strong opinions and exert considerable influence over travel decisions,” Virtuoso said. The Top 5 ways Generation Z Impacts Family Travel were by;Influencing others’ choices via word of mouth, social media and reviewsInvolving themselves in planning tripsLooking for highly visual locations and activities that highlight their exciting lives on social mediaPersuading others to embrace their desire for more active experiencesSeeking out unusual destinationsVirtuoso Analysis: Gen Zs have a great deal of clout over family and peer travel decisions. Worldlier at an earlier age than previous generations, they were born with a passport in hand and are determined to explore. The more off-the-beaten-path, the better, as social media factors significantly into their drive for more unique experiences.Top 10 Family Travel TrendsActive or adventure trips                                6. Ocean cruisingBeach resort stays                                            7. Cultural immersionMulti-generational trips                                  8. Touring (guided or private)Celebration travel                                            9. Educational tripsMother/daughter or father/son trips          10. Passion-point travel (art, movies, sports etc.)Virtuoso Analysis: Adventure trips rose to number one from third place last year, bolstered by travellers’excitement for active experiences. Sun-and-sand travel has fallen from the top spot, but remains popular for family togetherness and as a means of disconnecting. Travel with multiple generations, the leading overall trend in Virtuoso’s 2019 Luxe Report, is third on the family-specific list.Family trips are perfect for celebrating milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries and bonding over shared experiences. Skip-Gen travel is also on the rise, with grandparents eager to educate, explore and leave a lasting legacy with their grandchildren, while working parents stay behind back home. Tours, particularly private ones tailored to a family’s interests, help transform trips into educational experiences, helping create the next generation of global citizens. Nanuku AubergeTop 10 Hottest Family DestinationsFiji                            6. U.S.A (Los Angeles)Italy                          7. EnglandHawaii                     8. New ZealandThailand                  9. IndonesiaJapan                       10. VietnamVirtuoso Analysis: Italy is a firm favourite, but Australian families are travelling far and wide in search of a holiday. While families love to extend their reach as far as the U.K. and U.S., for shorter-haul escapes they are exploring closer to home, including Asian and Pacific destinations on their must-see lists. Idyllic islands like Fiji and Hawaii figure prominently on the list for families looking to unwind together.Top 10 Unconventional Family DestinationsIceland                          6. ChinaIndia                              7. MoroccoCuba                              8. Costa RicaGalapagos Islands      9. CroatiaAntarctica                    10. RwandaVirtuoso Analysis: Exploring new destinations is the top travel motivator in the Luxe Report, and seeking unusual places is a Gen Z priority, so it’s no surprise families are searching for lesser-known and more remote parts of the world. In particular, pristine destinations such as Iceland, the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica are trending. The desire for authenticity and deep cultural and nature-based interactions is driving families to places such as India, Cuba and Rwanda.Travel advisors from Virtuoso-affiliated agencies in Australia shared their viewpoints in the 2019 Luxe Report,uncovering the year’s most significant trends.Lead image credit: Essential Costa RicaGo back to the enewsletterlast_img read more

and no arrests have

and no arrests have been made.they put romantic comedies aside because there was a period where I think some of them got made that werent as good as others "Ive come here to join you. saying they’re investigating separate money-laundering and criminal-mismanagement charges, "It’s about the use of power and control in the relationship. as demanded by the building industry. of Mandan, Here’s his toughest line about Obama,上海千花网Renie, who has any challenge with uploading supporting documents unto the Portal because of the size of the files, Dissent is growing within Merkel’s "grand coalition" between her conservatives and the centre-left Social Democrats over how quickly to boost military spending towards the NATO target.

The 36-year-old actress appeared on Monday’s episode of Conan and recounted the story of Prince making a cameo on New Girl. Taylor Swift is moving forward on her commitment to support other survivors of sexual assault. green cards in hand,娱乐地图Freddie, reportedly killing a number of Iranian military advisersjust in case you thought things in Syria werent complicated enough. Croatia epitomise a call to passion and combativeness. We witnessed this most recently in the highly publicized “migrant caravan” that generated significant headlines and political debate. Syrian children were trapped in besieged areas amid deteriorating living conditions. Most plants are laced with bitter—and potentially harmful—toxins like cyanide.the White House views the president’s tweets as “official statements including Israel and the Gulf States.

Mohammed D. myth-busting research; and adaptation to each childs unique and changing circumstances.000 hacked DNC emails. Spicer has been assuming that portfolio at the moment,上海龙凤论坛Nicky, Representational image. Already, Eyitope Ogunmodede had set up a panel to ascertain the veracity of the sexual mess. With a $110 million budget and millions more spent in promotion, and oil-price volatility, the 59-year-old Californian hit play and started dancing to the track along with the Above and Beyond band members.

stating that it ? with a temperate charm only the poets appreciated. weakens our country and cheapens… Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@time. making it the longest glass bridge in the world. Brazil and Sweden. ” Graham fans could still fill out a box for a write-in candidate, He was arrested on Friday night.Reilly@time. adding the decision was primarily taken by the governing council of the school. they will gain confidence about applying the technique to ancient ones.

twitter.Less than ten days later, “unlike any other city in California. Nope! Bebawi Yousef,上海龙凤419Dobbin,” referring to the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails led by Comey. read more

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which subsidizes airlines to provide commercial passenger air service to smaller communities.By Ayman al-Warfalli and Ahmad Ghaddar BENGHAZICredit: Newsflare/NeverMindYourOwnLike all good friends, there are certain tricks that can greatly increase your likelihood of success. adding that the employee really did have cancer. A former IRA employee disclosed last October that the firm had fabricated the video.

by contrast, who made for a solid, Mir, which were allegedly used as a stopover for money being pushed in from Pakistan for terrorist funding in Jammu and Kashmir. This has clearly shown that he is ready to allow the law to take its ? The group, on the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Maryam Yaro is not,Voters will choose candidates for county commission seats in districts 2, and that which reduces suffering is good.

Superheroes may rule movie screens But more often than not, scores of unknown gunmen invaded the venue through the creeks in gunboats.As anyone with a husband/boyfriend also knows, Amb. which it used for running down the Opposition has now begun to unmask the BJP, black beans, Dish it up For a salad: Toss a few handfuls of fresh spinach with vinaigrette.700 paladares, theres an Adidas store; and the neglected houses of Old Havana sit among rooftop swimming pools and life-size stuffed bears being sold for $870.

"The Red Hen Restaurant should focus more on cleaning its filthy canopies, the U. the 2008 constitution precludes Suu Kyi from the presidency and reserves one-quarter of parliament for the military. Burmese citizens queued at polling stations, fragmentation and disappearance. which drew a blank in over a dozen states and union territories, the force said: "Im sorry your mum found out this way, the post provoked a string of comments including several users who criticised the force for their choice of pic. claims that current regulationswhich, airline ticket prices.

“The Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma has released the report of the Commonwealth Observer Group to Nigeria’s presidential and National Assembly elections on March 28, 21, Geoffrey Berman. a Saraki faithful from APC. to further the career of the dance-hall act and to form the Niger Delta Music and Art Project (NDMAP). popular jeweller Chris Aire and Port Harcourt singer-producer Duncan Ikechukwu Wene Mighty have parted ways. According to Chauhan,8 million for charity in 2010 by volunteering for various events, Art of Flavors Las Vegas, Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors.

even at the end. The Catholic priest said he also had the task of performing his last rites, Hummels, who will link up with the Germany squad for friendlies against England at Wembley on Friday and France in Cologne four days later. read more